Biomass Boiler Overheating – Common Signs, Causes and How You Can Fix It

Biomass boiler overheating, green roof top with greenish blue sky in the background

Biomass boiler overheating is considered a serious problem, as it can put you at risk, or in the best case scenario, hit your pockets hard. The latest biomass boilers come with various safety features which help prevent your renewable technology from overheating. However, in the unfortunate event that these features fail, it’s essential for you …

6 Benefits of Installing Solar Thermal Panels for Your Home

Installing solar thermal panels for your home can help you improve sustanibility while lowering energy bills.

Installing green technology for your home is a great way to incorporate sustainability in your domestic life.  With the UK government introducing different schemes and incentives to promote green technology, using sustainable products benefits not only you but also the environment. One of the best examples of this is the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme …

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