4 Reasons Why A GSHP Is A Worthwhile Investment

By investing in a GSHP you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle for your home or workplace while also saving up on costs; a picturesque view of a forest from a lower angle

A ground source heat pump is a sustainable heating technology that can effectively meet all heating requirements.  Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties, a GSHP installation is done underground as the surface beneath the soil serves as a source of natural recurring heat. Although installing the GSHP may seem intimidating due to the underground …

​Solar Thermal Panel Installation – 5 Things to Consider

A solar thermal panel installation has certain prerequisites, being informed will help you get maximum efficiency from your panels; large solar panels on an open green field

Solar thermal panels are an increasingly popular sustainable heating technology used in homes due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Because of this,  panels make a great addition to almost any household. However, installing solar thermal panels may require a fair share of thinking ahead of installation, as they can be a significant investment, albeit a …

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