7 Benefits of Conducting A Home Energy Audit

Tuesday May 5, 2020

Typically, a home energy audit is performed to achieve energy efficiency and save a significant amount on utility bills. While these are the primary reasons for you to consider an energy audit, there’s more to it than just this. A home energy audit allows you to understand your home better and make smarter energy decisions that will benefit both you and the environment in the long run.

If you’re still wondering whether performing a home energy audit is a good idea, or even what it actually is, then you’ve come to the right place. 

As experts who are at the forefront of the energy industry, we have laid out seven benefits of conducting an energy audit in your home.


1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

As mentioned earlier, the primary reason why people opt for a home energy audit is to achieve maximum energy efficiency. For a thorough energy audit, seek help from experts who will identify energy drain points in your house.

For instance, an expert will locate air leaks happening through house flooring, walls or ceilings. A home energy audit will also check for any possible heat loss due to poor insulation. This helps recognise inadequate insulation, especially in old homes.

With a home energy audit, you can also check your heating equipment. These include central heating systems like air and ground source heat pumps, boilers, thermostats, radiators and more. When failing to perform to its full potential, this equipment can end up consuming more energy than required. Therefore, a home energy audit will evaluate all the electronics in your house and make them more energy-efficient.


2. Save on Power Bills in the Long Run

Another thing that we mentioned earlier is that energy auditing helps save money on utility bills. Once you conduct a home energy audit, it’s essential to implement the advice given by the experts to see efficiency changes in real-time. This will help you save a significant amount on your energy bills in the long run.

An energy audit expert will also advise you on any government rebates and subsidies that you can take advantage of. Eligible individuals can avail the discounts and other special deals to save more on the utility bills. At present, the best scheme to apply for is the homeowners RHI program.


3. Build Awareness Around Energy Leaks

A home energy audit will guide you to make your home energy efficient. In fact, these findings could be implemented in your day-to-day life to make your home as efficient as possible. For instance, if after the audit you understand that your central heating is utilising a big chunk of the total energy, you can simply switch to green heating. Look into air and ground source heat pump installation to know more. 

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4. Do Your Bit for the Environment

Generally, at least some amount of energy we use at home comes from coal or natural gas. So, when you make your home energy efficient, you not only save on utility expenses but also help the environment. With a comprehensive home energy audit, you will be able to reduce your carbon emissions and lower your impact on the atmosphere at large.


5. Add Value to Your Home

Making your home energy efficient boosts the market value of your house. So, if in the future you plan to sell or lease your property, it could act as a value-added service. Other things that could help add value to your home are green installations, additional insulation, and energy-efficient temperature control.

Additionally, even if you do not sell or lease your house in the near future, these minor upgrades pay for themselves (you save on utility bills in the long run).


6. Make Your Home a Haven of Comfort

Since a home energy audit checks the ventilation system and potential heat leak problems, it will help you understand why your house feels chilly during winters. That way, you can upgrade your home heating system to keep it warm and comfortable. Not just this, but an upgraded heating system also improves the air quality within your home.

So, the energy-saving plan that energy auditors suggest will help you make your home a comfortable, efficient and healthy place to stay in.


7. Identify Energy Glitches and Avoid Their Impact

With a thorough energy audit, you will have a better understanding of the common energy issues in your house. Although it is not easy to understand the source of the problem, an expert will help you understand where the major glitches are.

You can then prioritise repair and home improvement as you successfully avoid potential impacts caused by these glitches.


Summary of Why You Need a Home Energy Audit

A comprehensive home energy audit will help you save on energy bills and make your home a more comfortable place. Furthermore, it adds to the market value of your property. With sufficient information on your energy utilisation and an improvement plan in place, you can make your home a hub for energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

For successful and efficient GSHP installation, you need expert ground source heat pump fitters who will conduct a property survey and then recommend the ideal installation. 

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