Biomass Boiler Warranty- 6 Myths Debunked

Tuesday November 24, 2020

Every sustainable energy product is haunted by certain myths with regards to its application and functions. With the gradual increase of knowledge and awareness about sustainable technology, getting over myths that surround a product can take time. One myth we hear time and time again is about warranties. 

Biomass boilers are no exception to this. 

While considering a biomass boiler, you should get all the correct information possible and JL Phillips is here to help you with that. Your biomass boiler warranty assures that in case something goes wrong with the boiler, you are covered.

Under the domestic RHI scheme, investing in a biomass boiler is a great idea to make your home more sustainable. Get over those warranty rumours and move towards sustainability.

Here are a few myths surrounding the boiler warranty, let’s debunk them!

1.  Modern Boilers Don’t Require Warranty

One of the biggest myths surrounding new designs of biomass boilers is that they don’t require a warranty. Although they might be more dependable, investing in one without opting for a boiler warranty could prove to be a mistake on your part.

If you consider the worst-case scenario, something goes wrong with your boiler, a warranty means you won’t have to worry about the financial implications. The warranty provides you with peace of mind assuring you that a heating specialist will follow the necessary procedure to repair it. 

However, you must keep in mind that certain terms and conditions need to be met for the repairs.

2. All Boilers Have the Same Warranty

Another common misunderstanding people have is that all boilers work the same, so they have the same warranty. Due to this, most skip over the terms and conditions without giving it a second thought.

There are so many different types of biomass boilers, the same warranty cannot possibly cover all of them. On top of that, every manufacturer will have a different warranty which covers different aspects.

It is essential for you to go over the terms and conditions to fully understand the warranty and be prepared.

3. Boiler Warranty Lasts Forever 

A biomass boiler warranty can potentially end early if all the terms and conditions are not met. The length of your warranty does not matter if you stray away from the terms of the warranty. Unfortunately though, even when kept perfectly, your warranty won’t last forever.

You need to take proper care of your boiler and get it checked and serviced by a heating specialist annually. Once the specialist is done servicing the biomass boiler, make sure to ask for a proof of service and save that carefully.

Awareness of the terms plays a major part in the warranty; make sure you’re equipped with all the necessary information to prevent your warranty from ending early.

4. Your Boiler is Protected By Home Insurance

One thing that you need to be aware of is that your biomass boiler is not necessarily covered by your home insurance. People can neglect the fact that the boiler requires a separate warranty. They automatically assume that their home insurance covers it.

You could find out about a way to include it in your insurance plan. However, there is the possibility of adding a policy to your existing insurance, but a separate warranty is always a better choice.

The kind of coverage for your boiler, provided by a separate warranty won’t be the same as compared to your home insurance – a warranty is always more preferable.

5. Boiler Repair and Maintenance is Easy

There is a reason why a biomass boiler is serviced by a professional heating specialist or an engineer– they possess the required knowledge. Although there are some basic tips you can follow at home, it would be wrong to assume that you could make repairs yourself.

Hiring a professional is always better for better maintenance. A warranty states that the boiler needs to be safe for the professional to service it, and making unnecessary changes yourself could damage the boiler.

The terms of the warranty provide guidelines for the necessary conditions for the professional as well as the boiler.

6. The Warranty is Registered by the Installer 

Don’t forget – registering the warranty is your job. The installer’s work ends after successfully installing the biomass boiler and the responsibility of registering the warranty does not lie with them.

After the installation is completed, you need to register the warranty. It is only then you can make sure that you’re aware of what you need to do. If you have any queries, feel free to contact an expert to get more information.

In most cases, registration needs to be done within a month of installation, online on the company website.

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Keeping the above points in mind, getting a warranty for your biomass boiler is a smart choice as it ensures quality repair and maintenance of the boiler. Our company offers quality installation and repair services for biomass boilers.

For more information on biomass boilers, contact our experts today!


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