Biomass Boiler Installation Types

Biomass Boiler Installations

We offer a range of commercial and industrial wood pellet & biomass boiler installations from leading industry suppliers Herz and ETA. Our range of boilers can accommodate a number of fuel types including wood chips, wood pellets and also log, and are suitable for a range of power outputs; from domestic heating to large industrial and commercial heating systems.

Wood Pellet Fueled Biomass Boilers


Biomass Boiler Installations | Wood Pellets
Biomass Boiler Powered By Wood Pellets


Biomass Boiler Installations | Wood Chips
Biomass Boiler Powered By Wood Chips


Log Fueled Biomass Boilers


Biomass Boiler Installations | Wood Logs
Biomass Boiler Powered By Logs

Alongside our partners we can also offer packaged solutions known as the Heat Pod and Heat Hub. These meet your biomass heating needs without all the on-site construction.

A two-in-one solution with a boiler and fuel store in one, our Heat Pod houses biomass boilers up to 450kW and the Heat Hub provides up to 1MW of renewable heating.

A packaged plant room is a popular choice that allows our clients to get on with the running of their business and their daily routine without the potential disruption installing a biomass boiler can sometimes have.


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