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Herz Biomass Boilers Installed By J L Phillips Renewable Energy Ltd

Biomass Heating | HERZ Founded in 1896, Herz has been continuously active in the market for more than 110 years. With 6 sites within Austria, another 3 in Europe and more than 1,500 employees at home and abroad.

HERZ is the only Austrian manufacturer that produces equipment for the entire heating and installation industry and is one of the most important internationally. HERZ Feuerungstechnik in Sebersdorf/Styria was founded in 1983. Today more than 100 people work in production and sales.

Over the years HERZ Feuerungstechnik has established itself as a specialist for biomass heating. The main focus for this is placed upon modern, cost efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems with highest levels of comfort and convenience as well as being user-friendly.

A heart for the environment All HERZ boiler exceed the strictest emission regulations. This is proven by various environmental seals of approval. HERZ quality Herz design engineers are in regular contact with acknowledged research institutions in order to further improve the very high standards.

ETA Biomass Boilers Installed By J L Phillips Renewable Energy Ltd

Biomass Heating | ETA The beginning of the ETA Company can be traced back to the year 1998 and is marked and developed by individuals. Individuals, for whom benefits are not the most important thing, but who also emphasise conviction.

The conviction, that the production of boilers that use renewable energies are an important contribution to the protection of the environment and the containment of the greenhouse effect.

ETA Heiztechnik was founded in December 1998 and since then, dedicates itself to the production of heating boilers for renewable energies. ETA has specialized in heating boilers for wood.


Fifteen employees (from a total of 165 employees) are dedicated to develop the technology for wood, including the electronics and control components. Emphasis is on safety and user comfort. As in the automobile manufacturing process, selected suppliers produce all our components according to our construction plans. As a result, we can deploy the most adequate material for every part of the boiler.

The assembly of the boiler is done in-house. Therefore, all parts can be checked before being assembled. All ETA heating boilers have Lambda controlling. The result is high quality in the upper section of today’s technology.

Biomass boilers of the highest quality and the best value in the industry and include:

  •  Automatic Heat Exchanger cleaning.
  • Automatic Ash Removal.
  • Open Protocol.

Biomass Boiler Fuel Feed Systems & Storage

How the fuel is delivered from the vehicle into the store can vary widely from site to site and also from fuel to fuel. For instance, pellets are usually ‘blown’ into the fuel store whereas the majority of wood chip deliveries are tipped.  Our partners have developed innovative solutions which minimize both delivery time and capital costs.

In the early design stages it is important to establish where in relation to the boiler the fuel store can be sited, bearing in mind vehicle access and constraints on auger lengths and angles whilst ensuring the fuel is automatically fed at the correct rate.


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