The 4 Major Components Of A Solar Panel You Need To Know About

A large Solar Panel

Solar energy systems are steadily gaining popularity in today’s world, and rightfully so. With the amount of non-renewable energy being exhausted daily, it is essential for humanity to find new ways to create energy.  Therefore, solar thermal systems are emerging as one of the most promising sources of energy for future generations.  Today, more and …

EPC for Landlords – All You Need to Know About the Latest Updates

EPC for landlords; EPC rating graph from A to G

The rules and regulations regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are constantly updating, and you need to work accordingly. The latest requirement for EPC ratings was changed in 2018, making it necessary for all new tenancies to require a minimum EPC rating of “E” or higher.  However, in the following years, there have been several changes …

Frozen Boiler Condensate Pipes – How to Fix and Prevent the Issue

Frozen Boiler Condensate Pipes; rusty exterior boiler pipes

With winter approaching, there are chances that your biomass boiler might stop working. Now, although there are several reasons for that to happen, one of the most common faults is frozen boiler condensate pipes which usually occurs when the cold weather sets in. This fault results in your heating system shutting down – however, that’s …

4 Common Biomass Boiler Problems and How to Solve Them

Most common biomass boiler problems can be solved through regular check-ups and maintenance; a small trail in the middle of lush green woods

Biomass boilers are a sustainable and efficient way to heat your home and workplace. However, like any other technology, it too faces its own set of problems. While factors like getting your boiler warranty checked and servicing the boilers whenever required are essential, you may still end up with problems due to external factors or …

Choosing the Right Boiler Size for Your Home – Here’s How!

Right boiler size, a welcoming home done in blue with a lawn chair placed right in the middle

Whilst the size of a biomass boiler isn’t everything when it comes to choosing one for your home, the question “what’s the right boiler size?” does come into play when replacing it. This is primarily because a lot of research and thinking goes into determining your hot water requirements. For the record, the size of …

​Solar Thermal Panel Installation – 5 Things to Consider

A solar thermal panel installation has certain prerequisites, being informed will help you get maximum efficiency from your panels; large solar panels on an open green field

Solar thermal panels are an increasingly popular sustainable heating technology used in homes due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Because of this,  panels make a great addition to almost any household. However, installing solar thermal panels may require a fair share of thinking ahead of installation, as they can be a significant investment, albeit a …

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