Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps

If you’re considering whether a commercial ground source heat pump is a good investment for your business, our list of benefits included below should help you to decide:

● Warranties from 5-10 years, ensuring longevity

● Earn profit from your ground source heat pump. Work out how much using our ​free quick quote​ and read how you can apply through the ​Commercial RHI application​.

● Ground source heat pumps are highly efficient and reliable. They can heat or cool a premise using the surface of the ground as a heat pool all-year-round.

● When trying to qualify for ‘Building and Planning’ regulations, ground source heat pumps are ideal as they are so efficient. This is mainly because its efficiency is based on the difference between the supply temperature and the source.

● Commercial ground source heat pumps have extremely low maintenance and servicing requirements. Due to the absence of any visible and/or audible parts outside the building, these pumps are not a nuisance at all.

● These heating units can be used for both heating and cooling using the energy trapped in the ground.

● The extracted heating and cooling is then transmitted to a central heating system for commercial use in space and hot water heating.

● This technology is eligible under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme where you get financial incentives for producing clean energy. The RHI scheme is available in the UK.

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Commercial ground source heat pumps use the energy stored in the ground to heat a property and provide hot water for your business. The pumps absorb heat from within the ground with the help of collectors (a series of plastic pipes), that are hidden underground.

Since extracting heat from the environment doesn’t cost a penny, installation of commercial ground source heat pumps can help save considerably on energy costs.

When compared to LPG and oil-based heating technologies, once initial costs are covered, this green alternative stands out quite distinctly. Moreover, ground source heat pumps are practically ​maintenance-free and require minimal servicing​.

A distinct advantage of a commercial ground source heat pump is that even at a depth of 1m below the surface, the ground maintains a temperature that’s fairly constant. This means that your heating system will perform at peak efficiency consistently, at almost any UK temperature!

At ​JL Phillips​, we have professional heating systems suitable for businesses of all sizes and energy needs.

Commercial ground source heat pumps are designed to generate more energy than they consume to keep supplying heating in an efficient manner. By employing similar technology to that used in a refrigerator, ground source heat pumps extract heat trapped in the ground to use for heating.

The heat from the ground is accumulated with the help of pipes buried underground. As fluid passes through these pipes, solar energy from the ground’s surface is collected and carried to the heat pump. Usually, a ground source heat pump will be installed inside your main building in a utility room, small plant room or the basement.

From here, heating technology is connected to the central heating system in the building.

When compared to a traditional boiler, heat pumps tend to function much more efficiently at lower temperatures.

This makes them ideal to work with underfloor heating and radiators (fan assisted and large), providing heat even at low temperatures.

Commercial grade ground source heat pumps can also provide hot water to be stored in a water cylinder for later use.

For every kilowatt of energy required to operate your ground source heat pump, it will generate three to four kilowatts. This means that a JL Phillips installation is approximately 300 to 400% more efficient in terms of your business electricity use.

On top of this, your carbon dioxide emissions will be around 70% lower when compared to a traditional gas boiler heating system.

Retrospectively, your energy will be entirely renewable, bringing your carbon emissions and fuel costs to virtually zero.

Not only good for the environment and highly reliable our ground source heat pumps are incredibly efficient. You could even earn financial incentives back on your installation from the government’s commercial RHI scheme

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During the day, the heat from the sun is stored in the soil. This solar energy is then directly absorbed as insulation or as heat from rain and the air from the near-surface layer of the soil.

Using this renewable source of heat for commercial use is not only environment-friendly but also cost-effective. You’ll get the highest yield of energy from soil that has a high water content.

The functioning of professional ground source heat pumps depends on the plastic tubing buried underneath the ground’s surface. An environment-friendly, non-freezing emulsion of water and Glycol circulates in the tubing. It’s important for you to ensure that the soil above the earth collector isn’t sealed off under any circumstances, i.e. by buildings, asphalt or concrete.

The approximate depth for Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump Installation is 20 cm below the local frost line.

In the lower subsoil of the so-called “near-surface geothermal layer” lies a heat source that can be utilised all year long. This has an almost constant temperature. It can be used for any building, whether large or small, public or private.

Depending on the region it is also referred to as, “vertical absorption”, “ground spit” or “ground lance”. It requires little space and the ground probe can be drilled on the smallest of plots. Therefore it is ideal for refurbishment or adaptation from a heating system fuelled by fossil fuels to using geothermal energy.

The surface collector operates using a mixture of water and Glycol that circulates in a closed circuit (similar to the cooling system of a car). Depending on the necessary size of the heat pump unit, a specialised installation company determines the depth and amount of boreholes in which the u-shaped plastic tubing is installed and pressed, in order to achieve good heat transfer for professional use.

We’ve been installing renewable energy systems for commercial businesses over the country for almost a decade, giving us an industry experience that’s unmatched and bespoke. We work with our customers closely to understand and meet their professional ground source heat pump requirements.

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J L Phillips installs heat pumps across the whole of the UK, predominantly covering the Midlands including Newark, Nottingham, Mansfield, Loughborough, Lincoln, Peterborough, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, as well as Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Leeds, Sheffield and all surrounding areas.

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