R.H.I Commercial Fuel Log

R.H.I Fuel logs

If you have a biomass boiler installed, which is fed by woodchip, you must, under new Ofgem legislation, keep an up to date log of the source of your woodchip. Failure to do this could result in the cessation of your Non-Domestic R.H.I payments. You will be asked to provide all your records whenever your installation is audited. You may also be asked to provide them at other times.

The above applies to Non-Domestic installations under 1 MW only and is in place so that Ofgem can

“verify that there is no fossil fuel contamination and that only 100 per cent biomass is used in your installation.”

For full information on this please visit the Ofgem website at the link below:




Biomass Heating Wood ChipTo find a reputable woodchip or pellet supplier in your area, who will be supplying a quality product, meeting the R.H.I standards, visit the B.S.L (Biomass Suppliers List) website at the link below. You can simply type in your post code and search for suppliers in your area or you can contact them;

Tel: 0207 090 7769 Email:  bslhelpdesk@gemserv.com


J L Phillips Renewable Energy is happy to recommend the following suppliers of woodchip and pellet;

Forest Fuels

Woodchip & Pellet suppliers covering the East Midlands & National

Tel: 01409 281977 Email:info@forestfuels.co.uk


Forever Fuels

Wood Pellet Suppliers covering the East Midlands & National

Tel: 01628 509690 Email: info@forever-fuels.com


MWF Sustainable Wood Heat

Wood Chip Suppliers covering the East Midlands & National

Tel: 01952 621030 Email: info@wood-fuel.co.uk





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