The Green Homes Grant Scheme

  • JL Phillips Trust Mark Accredited
  • Scheme Launching in September
  • £2 Billion of Government Funding for Green Home Improvement
  • Government Funding of up to Two-Thirds of Improvement Cost, up to £5,000
  • 100% Funding for Low-Income Households, up to £10,000
  • Grant to Assist 600,000 Homes in England
  • Grant to Cover:
    • Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps
    • Wall, Roof and Floor Insulation
    • Solar Thermal
    • Double and Triple Glazing Upgrades from Single Glazing
    • Energy Efficient Door Upgrades
    • Hot Water Tank & Heating Controls
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What is the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

What Are the Vouchers For?

What is the Green Voucher Worth?

Am I Eligible for the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

How to Apply for the Green Homes Grant Scheme

Will I Have to Use Specific Installers?


What is the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

In order to help meet Britain’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the British government is investing £2 billion into green construction and home improvement. This is also intended to provide stimulus to the construction industry following a slowdown caused by Covid-19. This has taken the form of the Green Homes Grant Scheme, a scheme designed to help over 600,000 homes.

The scheme is designed to allow homeowners to offset the costs of otherwise expensive eco-friendly home improvements, by taking advantage of a government grant that, dependent on circumstances, will cover from two thirds to 100% of the cost.

From September the Green Homes Grant will make £5,000 worth of vouchers available to cover up to two-thirds of the cost of home improvement to upgrade your home’s efficiency. Additionally, for low income households, grants will be made available up to £10,000 and can cover 100% of the cost. 

Participating traders will be vetted by the government and will be required to gain approval under the Trust Mark scheme, to ensure they are eligible for the grant. JL Phillips has already been accredited under the Trust Mark scheme, so make sure to book in early!

Announced by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak in July, full details of the scheme are still coming to light, and we will be updating with more information as it is released.

The scheme is only available in England, meaning that unfortunately those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be unable to take advantage.


What Are the Vouchers For?

Initial details on the scheme have been scarce, however, on August 4th the Government released a full list of improvements covered by the scheme.

As expected, the scheme has a number of caveats with “primary”, “secondary” and “top up” home improvements being announced. 

In order to take advantage of the grant scheme, you need to first install one of the “primary” improvements.

This covers:

  • Home Insulation, including cavity wall, underfloor, loft, roof and solid wall insulation
  • Low carbon heating, such as ground source and air source heat pumps, or solar systems.

However, for those who have already installed these in their homes, the grant can also be used to install “top ups” – eg. for additional or improved insulation so that it meets the recommended level. However, this cannot be used to replace your existing insulation.

If you are installing a low carbon heating option, such as a JL Phillips ground or air source heat pump, you’ll also need suitable insulation which can be installed at the same time.

If your property has already met the criteria for the “primary” grants, you will be eligible to apply for the following “secondary” improvements. These include:

  • Double or triple glazing, but only if you currently have single glazing (so they will not replace your existing double glazing)
  • Energy-efficient doors to replace doors installed before 2002
  • Insulation and heating controls, including thermostats for appliances and hot water tanks
  • Smart heating controls, home zone heating controls, delayed start thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves
  • Draught proofing

The main caveat with the secondary funding is that you can only receive funding up to the level you’re already receiving for primary measures. This means that if you’ve received £2,500 towards an air source heat pump, you will only be eligible for £2,500 towards smart heating and draught-proofing.


What is the Green Voucher Worth?

For those on at least one income dependent benefit or disability benefit, the scheme will cover the full cost of these eco-friendly, energy-efficient home improvements, up to a value of £10,000 per household. 

For the majority of homeowners, however, the vouchers can be put towards two-thirds of the cost of the improvements, up to a maximum of £5,000. 

The example given by the Treasury is that a home installing cavity and floor insulation at a cost of £4,000 would only pay approx £1,320, with the additional £2,680 being financed through the government green voucher scheme.

In addition to the monetary value of the grant, homeowners are encouraged to research the savings potential of their new eco-improvements, with households estimated to save hundreds of pounds a year on heating and energy bills – all whilst helping the environment.


Am I Eligible for the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

Although additional details are likely to be announced, as of August 4th, the Government has stated that all owner-occupied homes (including long-leaseholders and shared ownerships) will be eligible to apply for the grant. 

However, it is worth noting that leaseholders will need to gain permission from any other freeholders before making changes that would affect the property.

The scheme will also be made available to landlords operating private, rented and social domestic homes, as well as park homeowners.

Finally, it has been confirmed that domestic new builds and commercial / non-domestic properties will NOT qualify under the green scheme. Full details regarding what constitutes a new build are to be confirmed. 

How the approval process for grants will be decided has yet to be clarified, but the Government has stated the Simple Energy Advice service will be able to make “appropriate improvement” suggestions, but that there will be no obligation to use these and there will NOT be assessments for peoples’ homes. 


How to Apply for the Green Homes Grant Scheme

Once the service is officially launched in September, homeowners will be able to contact the Simple Energy Advice service (SEA) for advice and support. Alternatively, if you’re looking to find out more about how the scheme could apply to you, make sure to call our team of experts on 01636 642790. More details are expected to emerge later in August.

The vouchers are expected to begin being issued from the end of September.


Will I Have to Use Specific Installers?

As part of the Grant Scheme, the Government will offer a list of Trust Mark accredited local tradespeople who are registered to carry out the work. In the case of JL Phillips, we are already Trust Mark accredited and are ready to start quoting before the scheme’s launch.

To find out more about how JL Phillips can help you with the Green Homes Grant Scheme, contact us today or call us on 01636 642790.


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