4 Green Initiatives You Can Take for a Better Future

Tuesday April 12, 2022

There are a rising number of businesses, communities and people who are willing to contribute more to conserve and protect natural resources. However, they’re unsure where to begin to do so.

Two ways to go about doing more is to take up green initiatives or to become more environmentally friendly. These should be driving forces in everything that you do. Whichever path you choose, it’s all about adopting a lifestyle that helps you to look after the environment whilst turning this planet into a better place for your community.

With regards to becoming eco-friendly, at JL Phillips, we’ve done our part. We offer an array of energy efficient heating solutions and have always put an emphasis on the importance of doing our bit for mother nature.

If, like us, you are willing to do your part for the environment and are looking for ways in which to do so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, our experts explain four impactful green initiatives that you can take which will lead to a better future for both you and the coming generations.

Let’s get started!

1. Conserve Water and Plant Trees

Needless to say, one of the simplest things that you can do to become more environmentally friendly is to conserve water and plant more trees.

When it comes to conserving water, this is such an important step to take, as a lot of energy is required to transport fresh batches of water from rivers into your home. Naturally, signing up for this initiative helps reduce the amount of energy being used to filter it. 

Taking short showers, fixing leaking pipes, shutting off running tap water and recycling water are all simple steps that you can take in your own home; over time, these steps can account for a major green initiative. 

Similarly, planting more trees means we provide more oxygen, fruits and clean air, all while providing shelter to wildlife. 

Additionally, a great way to contribute to green initiatives is to simply look around your local community, work with local environmental groups to plant more trees and educate others about its positive aspects.

2. Install Energy-Efficient Appliances 

With technology increasing now more than ever, many energy-efficient appliances have been developed that form a part of your everyday life. You can choose from the many options that are available out there – from an energy-efficient coffee maker to our biomass boilers and ASHPs, there’s quite a range of available products. 

These products are made to keep in mind the idea of minimising negative impacts on the environment. Not only do they create less carbon footprint but also help minimise your running costs.

For instance, installing solar panels can greatly reduce the amount of energy used in a household, whilst being good for the environment.

If you’re ready to play your part in looking after the environment and want to install one of our energy efficient products, get in touch with us today!

3. Choose the Process of Composting

Composting is essentially a natural process in which the remains of plants and kitchen waste are converted into nutrient-rich food through which your plants can grow.

The process of composting lowers the amount of garbage that is dumped in landfills, something which is heavily responsible for polluting the air. This is why composting is considered an excellent green initiative when it comes to saving the environment. 

4. Buy Locally Grown Produce

The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy locally grown products. When you do this, you are helping the environment by discarding the shipping process which is necessary for products grown hundreds of miles away., You’ll also be supporting your local dairies and farms.

Additionally, organic farming practices have also become increasingly popular over the past few years, giving you great health benefits. You should buy local organic products, such as herbs and veggies or better yet, grow them in your own backyard!

Contact JL Phillips for Green Heating Solutions 

At JL Phillips, we pride ourselves on the many things we do to reduce any harmful impacts on the environment. Having gained years of experience, we are well versed in green initiatives which can help you to take steps towards sustainable living, providing them through the means of our products.

If you’re ready to join the bandwagon in doing your bit for mother nature, why not begin by installing one of our eco-friendly and energy efficient heating solutions?

Our experts can easily address any issues that you may be facing and will guide you in the right direction.

If you have any more questions, talk to us today!


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