Heat Pumps VS Solar Panels – Which One To Choose?

Tuesday June 1, 2021

With so many renewable heating systems on offer, finding the right one for your home will require some time and effort. 

However, most sustainable homeowners and businesses find themselves opting for a heat pump or a solar thermal. This brings us to the question, between Heat Pumps VS Solar Panels, which is the better choice?

While both offer various benefits including a better lifestyle and lower bills, either of them could be better suited for your home. This leaves you with the question – which one should you choose?

At JL Phillips, as renewable energy experts, you can leverage our proficiency to make the right decision. We’ve put together a short guide on heat pumps vs solar panels which covers the different features and advantages of both heating systems.

Let’s take a look.

Heat Pumps vs Solar Panels – Here’s What You Need To Know

As you know, renewable heating systems convert renewable energy to provide heat for your home or business. Solar thermal heating systems use solar energy to provide heat

Heat pumps, on the other hand, extract heat from the air or ground to warm your indoor spaces. This heat can then be used for heating in the central heating systems and hot water for the premise.

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal panels are usually installed on the roof or in spaces that receive maximum sunlight. These panels contain a liquid that is heated by solar energy. The liquid is then circulated in the central heating system or water cylinder to provide heat.

Solar thermal panels come in two types – evacuated-tube collectors and flat-plate collectors. Depending on the available roof space, you can install either of them.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air or ground and convert it into heat for your domestic or commercial space. They are usually of two types –

  • Air source heat pumps – These heat pumps include a fan that’s installed outside. The fan draws the outside air which is then further heated by the heat exchanger to provide sufficient heating for the space. They are further divided into air-to-air pumps and air-to-water pumps with both variants providing heat for a specific purpose. ASHPs are thus a great choice for almost any space.
  • Ground source heat pumps – These heat pumps extract heat from the ground, which has consistent temperatures throughout the year. This makes them one of the most reliable heating systems. While it does make use of complex underground pipework, the steady and reliable heating it provides makes GSHPs a great addition for any property that has the room.

Benefits of Solar Thermal Panels And Heat Pumps

Renewable energy systems have next to no cons, having various benefits that make them popular, especially for those who want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Reduced carbon footprint, low heating bills, safer heating systems, RHI incentives are a few advantages you stand to receive over time. 

Solar Thermal Panel Benefits

  • Robust and easy to install in domestic and commercial spaces
  • Next to no running costs with Domestic RHI Incentive
  • Low maintenance 
  • Versatile and can be installed according to your needs

Heat Pump Benefits

  • High-efficiency levels in both types
  • Very little maintenance required down the line
  • Sufficient heating during colder months
  • Reliable heating throughout the year

Cost And Savings

Renewable heating systems, when compared to conventional heating like gas or oil boilers, have a higher initial upfront cost. However, in terms of sustainability, performance, productivity and maintenance, the investment is worth it.

One of the biggest advantages of systems like solar panels, biomass boilers or heat pumps is their contribution to reduced energy consumption and bills. Combined with the RHI incentive, you could even get a return on your investment making these systems a good choice.

Moreover, the running and maintenance costs of these systems are next to nothing as they rely on renewable sources of energy. With an occasional check-up from technicians, these systems are more or less good to go.

Heat Pumps vs Solar Panels – The Final Verdict

Solar thermal panels and heat pumps are both great sustainable and efficient heating systems. This makes them better suited for your home when compared to other conventional systems.

Depending on your area of residence, heating requirements and available space, either of them could fit in your space. For example, if your home receives enough sunlight and has plenty of roof space, solar panels are perfect for you. However, if you live in a colder area and require more heating, heat pumps are the better choice.

Additionally, you’ll also need to consider the investment costs and check your eligibility for the RHI incentive before you make your decision. You could also consider speaking with experts in the field such as JL Phillips for a more comprehensive understanding of the systems.

Contact JL Phillips For Heat Pump Installation And Solar Thermal Panel Installation

Both solar thermal panels and heat pumps are an investment for your home or office. Before you go ahead with the installation process, having the right knowledge is essential.

At JL Phillips, our vast experience in renewable energy installations makes us experts in our fields. Our team consists of proficient installers and heating specialists with all the required expertise and knowledge.

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