How To Improve Your Green Energy Credentials As a Business

Tuesday August 11, 2020

Businesses all across the country are placing additional emphasis on being eco-friendly in their approach and for good reason. Every major company is striving to improve its green energy credentials as a part of becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. 

The question is as a business, are you doing enough to be more clean and green in your approach? Can you introduce more changes in your commercial building and business operations to make a difference?

At JL Phillips, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that you can use to improve your green energy credentials as you improve your carbon footprint and achieve your green business goals. 

Let’s take a look!

Use Renewable Energy

Harnessing the power of renewable energy is the best decision your business can make because of the benefits attached to it. Install air and ground source heat pumps, solar panels or biomass boilers to extract energy from the air, ground, sun and biofuel that is readily available. Another major benefit of using renewable heating systems is that you can earn government subsidies from programs like the commercial or business RHI scheme. Considering these green heating systems operate at peak efficiency, you’d be improving your green credentials at an accelerated rate whilst also saving money on your bottom line.

Save Energy

There are many things you can do to cut back your business’ energy consumption. By reducing your power usage you not only save money but increase your eco-friendliness. For starters, replace light bulbs with LED lighting as they use comparatively less energy while also lasting longer. Have smart thermostats installed to maintain steady temperatures and to automatically switch the heating system off during closing hours. 

Upgrade all your appliances, computers, devices and equipment to ensure that they come with an Energy Star rating. This green rating is proof of the appliance’s efficiency which will give you a better understanding of the energy savings you’ll make.  Know that a small step towards efficiency will go a long way to help reduce your impact on the environment. 

Go Paperless Wherever Possible

Most businesses have recycling bins all over their commercial building to ensure that plastics, cans and paper are disposed of properly. You can take this a step further and use technology to make your business greener and paperless. For instance, company memos can be emailed to employees. You can offer online receipts to your customers and provide invoices digitally to avoid the proverbial paper pile you accrue daily. Your company signage, advertisements, flyers and brochures can all be published and circulated online as you strive to improve your green credentials with these small but consequential changes.

Consider Green Commuting

When we commute by car, we are contributing to more pollution. This is why businesses need to implement green proactive measures to reduce their contribution to the problem. Consider adopting environmentally-friendly tactics like car-sharing, telecommuting and cycle-to-work program. All these measures will go a long way in greening your business as you not only save money but also improve your carbon footprint. Another advantage of introducing such eco-friendly measures is that it will increase team morale as everyone comes together to work towards the greater good where they collectively focus on reducing your business’s ecological impact. 

Use Recycled Items

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add to your green credentials is to purchase recycled products for your business post-consumer use. From the packaging materials used for shipments to the cups and boxes in the break room, it is better to use recycled materials in your daily business operations. Today, consumers pay more attention to how you run your business and whether your practices are environmentally friendly. Using recycled materials is definitely going to give your company goodwill a boost that will benefit your company in the long run

Improve Your Green Credentials With JL Phillips

With the government pushing us towards a more efficient and eco-friendly way of life, as a business, you have a crucial role to play in both the long and the short run. Moreover, with schemes like the non-domestic RHI, the government is urging businesses to adopt a green lifestyle and promote the same. 

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