Mitsubishi ASHP 

From small homes to large, detached properties, the Mitsubishi ASHP (air source heat pump) offered at JL Phillips is the perfect low-carbon, renewable heating alternative to conventional carbon heating units. 

This reliable and energy-saving technology also delivers exceptionally efficient and sustainable space heating while providing hot water all year round! 

To find out more about this heat hump from Mitsubishi, give us a call today! 

Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump 

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The Ecodan ASHP from Mitsubishi is a monobloc system that can function on its own or as part of a multiple unit system. This heat pump also comes with an array of controller features, meaning you can adjust the settings depending on your requirements. 

As a multiple unit system, the Mitsubishi ASHP has the ability to cascade the available units on and off so as to meet the load requirements. For instance, if you install a 3-unit system, it will allow a 0.5kW increase of capacity, from 2kW to an increment of around 42kW. This level of modulation is unmatched within the industry and with the addition of rotation and cascade features, the Ecodan system makes for the perfect match for an array of commercial appliances. 

Key Features of Mitsubishi ASHP 

The Mitsubishi range of air source heat pump is one of the most advanced heating units available for homeowners. It comes equipped with various features, such as: 

ASHP Diagram

  • Split refrigerant circuits within every unit that offer 50% backup 
  • Low on-site refrigerant volume 
  • Multiple unit cascade control of around 688kW capacity 
  • 25ºC to 55ºC water flow temperature without boost heaters 
  • Low maintenance and hermetically-sealed monobloc design 
  • HIC technology, offering 43kW at -3ºC with minimal drop off to -20ºC 
  • Ability to rotate systems based on accumulated run hours 

Benefits of Installing Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP 

Installed ASHP

A clean and green heating solution, Mitsubishi’s ASHP is an intelligent technology that produces heat from renewable sources. It also offers homeowners several benefits. 

  • Highly Compatible and Versatile – Whether you’re installing it in a small home or a large, detached property, the Mitsubishi ASHP can help lower your running costs while reducing  CO2 emissions. What’s more, it can be installed to replace the old heating unit or to operate alongside a hybrid setup. 
  • Advanced Energy Monitoring – This air source heat pump from Mitsubishi comes with standard energy monitoring controls. This means homeowners can now get accurate consumption readings and reduce their energy bills. 
  • Future-Proof Heating Solution – With many people making the move to clean and green energy, heat pumps will soon become one of the significant sources of heating your home. Having one installed is only going to benefit you in the future. 

Contact JL Phillips to Install Mitsubishi ASHP at Home 

If you’re ready to install this unit and are looking for a professional Mitsubishi ASHP installer, then JL Phillips is the right place for you.  

With years of experience in offering renewable heating technology, as an Ecodan Business Solutions Partner, we can assure our customers that we provide a high standard of service and installation. We also offer maintenance services to help you keep your heating systems in good condition all year round! 

For more information, get in touch with our team on 01636 642790 today! 

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