Renewable Heating for Construction and Property Developers

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Suitable for any size project
  • Improved credentials for sustainability
  • In accordance with landlord guidelines
  • Build properties that are more efficient, attractive and sturdy

At JL Phillips Renewable Energy, we work alongside property developers, builders and self-builders on renovation, refurbishment and new development projects.

We tailor your project brief, working with you to design and install renewable heating systems at scale, from one-off properties to dozens of units.

With new builds, there are multiple options right from one-off homes to commercial schemes and housing developments at scale. Although one element that remains consistent with new build projects is the prospect of implementing renewable technologies. Renewable heating for construction and property developers is a great advertising opportunity for new developments right now given its clean and green approach.

Installing renewable heating technologies on a site at scale will not only reduce energy costs but also ensures that environmental targets are achieved while improving the overall carbon footprint of your new build. They’re also a great opportunity to earn some residual income on your building projects through the RHI scheme.

As construction and property developers, the whole point is to integrate the ideal renewable heating systems that will enhance and elevate the overall performance of the property, drastically improving the marketability of your properties.

At JL Phillips, we can help you provide a more cost-effective and energy-efficient property that’s comfortable for its occupants.

At JL Phillips, we extend our decade worth of expertise and experience to help new developments achieve their environmental targets. For this, we provide a range of renewable heating systems like:

  • Air source heat pump for construction projects
  • Ground source heat pump for construction projects
  • Biomass boilers

We work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to specify, design, install and maintain heating technologies for large scale new build projects. To ensure great ROI, we work with property developers, construction companies and self-builders on existing sites, residential and commercial projects and brownfield sites to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Financial Benefits

The ability to both save and make money simultaneously is perhaps one of the main advantages of installing a renewable heating system. Contact your local authority for commercial grants and subsidies.

Design Elements

For any developer, the functionality of a new build is of key importance. But there are many developers who are on the lookout to simply refine their design and projects so that they yield better benefits.

Heating is one such aspect that requires attention to detail and while heat pumps and biomass boilers are the ideal renewable choices, there’s more to think about.
Since underfloor heating works well with both heat pumps and boilers, it’s the ideal solution for both new builds and renovation projects. It works brilliantly with both air and ground source heat pumps.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a developer undertaking a small or a large scale development project, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have minimal impact on the environment and society as a whole. This goes beyond legal obligations and the benefits don’t necessarily have to be financial. It’s about being ethical and supporting what’s right for the environment in the long run.

The air and ground source heat pumps for property developments come with a 5 – 7 year warranty, but if maintained properly, they’ll last for more than 20 years. As your installation partners, we would advise you to conduct a visual inspection on a yearly basis. You can also call in our installers to give the system a once over every five years or so.

You can get your free quick quote right now get an estimated price for the supply and installation of new systems!

Helping Developers, Self Builders and Architects With Our Renewable Heating for Construction Projects
At JL Phillips, understanding and interpreting specifications and plans come naturally to us. Having worked extensively on a range of development projects for a decade has made us confident in our abilities and experience. Right from housing developments to landscape architecture installations and single dwellings, we have done it all. This is why for us, integrating renewable heating systems on any new site is a coordinated process and not a challenging task.

At JL Phillips, we have a team of professionals who will help install a fully integrated renewable heating system for construction projects. Our project managers and design engineers are more than equipped to assist developers and self-builders every step of the way.
For us, sustainability of your project matters more than a hard-sale approach. This is why we provide complete handholding and guidance in terms of the technologies you should install, incentives you can take advantage of along with advice on the payback period of your installation.

So, get in touch with us today to start building a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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Our Easy 3 Step Process


Property Survey

During consultation, our sales manager will provide advice and answer any questions that may be asked. Once we establish the type of renewable heating solution the customer is interested in, a no obligation quotation is provided followed by free site visits. Once we have then assessed and understood the exact requirements, we will provide a fully-documented proposal.


Product Installation

Once installation is underway, our project managers and installation teams work with the customer to ensure a smooth transition from their existing heating system to the new technology. Our teams have considerable knowledge of both the technology and the system design as well as experience within the renewable heating industry and the commercial and domestic heating sector.


Product Maintenance

Once commissioned, our service team are on hand for any call-outs, all of which are free within the 12 months following commissioning. We always recommend annual servicing to ensure that the system continues to run efficiently and to provide peace of mind that any problems are discovered and resolved quickly.

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