Replacement Plant

Ofgem will introduce an amendment to the regulations in October 2018, to allow existing participants of the Non-Domestic RHI scheme to replace their existing biomass boiler or heat pump while staying on their original RHI tariff for the remainder of their term.

This means that biomass boilers or heat pumps which are no longer working at their full potential or have become faulty can be replaced with no loss in RHI payments.


  • Must be a new ‘like-for-like’ replacement.

This means that the technology type and capacity must remain the same for the RHI payments to remain the same.

  • New installation will need to meet the same accreditation criteria as that of the original installation.
  • New Biomass Boilers must meet current air quality requirements.


  • Replacement plant will remain on the RHI tariff for any capacity up to that of the original biomass boiler or heat pump.
  • Where the new system is of a higher capacity, there will be no increase in the RHI tariff, so payments will remain at the original level.
  • Where capacity is lower, Tier 1 levels will be adjusted accordingly.


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