Service & Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining your installation


Whether you have an existing biomass boiler or heat pump, or a new installation from us, we would recommend that you ensure that your investment is maintained and serviced regularly. This is important in order to:


  • Ensure that your equipment continues to run efficiently
  • Have Peace of Mind that any problems are discovered and resolved quickly
  • Ensure that your manufacturers warranty remains valid (most manufacturers will insist on regular servicing to ensure that their warranty remains valid)
  • Ensure that the equipment provides you with the best possible return on investment



Types of Biomass Boilers & Heat Pumps


At J L Phillips, our engineer’s have the experience and knowledge to service and maintain a wide variety of biomass boiler and heat pumps. Some of the individual manufacturer’s include:


Innasol NIBE 
Herz Mitsubishi 
Hoval IVT Heat Pump
Froeling Danfoss 
Viessmann Vailliant


An average biomass service will take 6 hours and includes a comprehensive list of important checks and tasks which are carried out by our service engineers. Heat pump services take on average 3 hours to complete. In all cases, you will be provided with a completed checklist and report detailing all work completed and any recommendations or areas for concern.


In cases where we call to the service your heat pump or boiler for the first time, the initial visit will require a period of time for our engineer’s to look over the system in order to familiarise himself with the layout and the way it works.

Service visits are charged at a fixed price dependant on the size of your boiler or heat pump:

  • Biomass systems in domestic properties start from £200
  • Biomass in larger homes or commecial properties range from £350 to £900
  • Air Source Heat pumps services are charged at £175
  • Ground Source Heat Pump services are charged from £175 to £250 depending on the size

*All of the above are plus mileage at 0.45p per mile and VAT.


Should our engineer find that repairs or spare parts are required, these are quoted separately.

Please remember that your Manufacturer’s warranty can become invalid if you do not have the annual service documentation available should you need to make a claim on the warranty.

If you would like J L Phillips to service your biomass boiler or heat pump, please contact us.


Free Telephone Advice

We also offer free telephone advice for all our service plan customers so that they can call and get advice from our service engineer for any issues they may have with the boiler or heat pump. We find that in many cases, issues can be resolved quickly and easily without the need for a further call out.





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