10 Simple Ways To Save Money And Energy In Your Home

Tuesday March 31, 2020

A study conducted by Npower revealed that around ⅓ of the nation’s bill payers push aside money-saving advice and make no attempts to reduce their bills. The interesting part though is that all of us would love to pay less. So what’s the reason behind this lag?

Turns out, there are several misconceptions revolving around energy savings. This includes the fact that ⅕ people believe that appliances on standby mode do not consume energy. Another statistic shows that more than 80% of people think that they use less water through power showers as compared to baths. 

So, how do we fix this? 

In this piece, we have discussed 10 common myths related to energy consumption and how you can remedy the situation and save more! However, if you truly wish to save both money and energy on a regular basis, why not consider installing a domestic heat pump in your home?

But first, let’s take a look at some simple ways to save money and energy!

1. Water-Efficient Showers

Around 81% of people think that they consume less water by ditching baths and using power showers instead. But this is far from the truth. Power showers end up using up to 50 litres more water when compared to baths. You could save up to £195 annually by installing a water-efficient showerhead in your home. 

2. Heating and Thermostat

Almost 46% of bill payers believe that having their heating on low all the time will help reduce their energy bills. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Instead, installing a room thermostat to adjust the temperature settings can add up to £150 to your savings per year. That’s because you can monitor the room temperature and make adjustments accordingly which will help save energy. 

When the thermostat is paired with renewable heating alternatives, you can save money and energy in real-time.

3. Smart Meters

51% Brits believe that installing smart meters will consume more energy which will further add to their bills. However, by accurately monitoring the energy use in your home, the average home can save around £21 per year. 

4. Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs

Around 43% of people are under the impression that energy-efficient lights will have next to no impact on their energy bills. On the contrary, there’s research that backs up the fact that with energy-saving lightbulbs, households can save £35 pounds in a year. 

5. Reducing Temperature

20% of Brits are convinced that setting their heating to a warm temperature won’t make much of a difference in the way they consume energy. Yet, people could save up to £75 on a yearly basis by reducing their temperature by just a degree. 

6. Water Boiling

19% of the bill payers believe that boiling more water than what’s required doesn’t consume more energy. On the contrary, it can cost them up to £36 more every year.

7. Laptop Vs Desktop Charging 

41% of Brits are under the impression that it requires the same amount of energy to charge both desktops and laptops. But the truth is that you could add up to £17 pounds per year by pulling the plug (quite literally) on your desktop. This means using a laptop can be more energy-efficient.

8. Appliances on Standby

Almost 19% of Brits are of the opinion that appliances left on standby don’t consume energy. This misconception can cost them up to £30 pounds per year.

9. Duration of the Shower

21% of the nation believes that a long shower doesn’t have too much of an impact on their water bills. On the contrary, reducing the duration of your shower by just a minute can save you up to £80.

10. Washing Bowl

Almost 18% of people believe that using running tap water consumes less water than a washing up bowl. But in reality, you could add up to £25 pounds to your savings by way of your water bills by using a washing up bowl instead of taps.

Save Money and Energy

Making little changes around the house with respect to energy consumption can add up and save you a considerable amount of money. These small changes if followed consistently can not only save money on bills but also help reduce your impact on the environment.

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