Solar Thermal Panels – 5 Myths Debunked

Wednesday May 19, 2021

As we become ever more aware and concerned of the effects of our carbon footprint on the environment, the demand for renewable heating solutions is constantly on the rise.

Having said that, while we’re surrounded by an array of heating systems like solar thermal panels and biomass boilers, there’s still some scepticism regarding their benefits.

That said, in today’s blog, we’ll be shedding light on the various solar panel myths that are doing the rounds in the market.

Let’s take a look at these misconceptions and understand the different benefits of installing solar panels at home.

Myth #1 – Installation of Solar Panels Isn’t Cost Effective

This is one of the most common solar panel myths that has been preventing homeowners from installing this heating solution at home.

While the initial installation isn’t cheap, solar panels are a very sound long term investment, allowing you to reap the benefits and ROI down the line. What’s more, with the price of conventional energy sources constantly rising, the cost of solar panels has been actually reducing.

In fact, the expense of solar panel installation has reduced significantly over the past couple of years.

Another reason that makes solar panels a cost effective alternative to traditional systems is that it’s backed by government approved RHI incentive. Through this scheme, you’re bound to receive a series of financial rewards.

Read our blog to find out more about the potential earnings you’re likely to receive under the RHI scheme.

Myth #2 – Solar Thermal Panels Won’t Function During Winter Or When It’s Cloudy

Although it’s true that solar panels work exceptionally well during summer, they do function the same way during winter, even when it’s cloudy.

In fact, the technology used in solar thermal panels enables them to function more effectively in cooler temperatures. Additionally, cloudy weather conditions do not impede the efficiency of these heating units; they’re a viable source of electricity in almost all weather conditions.

For more information on the effectiveness of solar panels, get in touch with our heating specialists today!

Myth #3 – Solar Panels are Very Inefficient

Although the efficiency of solar panels isn’t as high as some other renewable energy sources, as the technology develops they are always becoming more effective.

Now, this doesn’t mean solar panels aren’t effective already.

When installed on your roof, solar PV panels can easily power your entire home while also lowering your energy bills, enabling you to save more money.

That said, don’t let these misconceptions about solar panels prevent you from installing one at home.

Myth #4 – Installation of Solar Thermal Panels Is Complicated and Requires a Lot of Maintenance

The installation of solar panels is actually relatively easy and straightforward provided you seek assistance from an installation professional.

Moreover, if your unit is properly integrated with the utility grid (which is usually the case with most electricity systems), maintaining your solar panels becomes a breeze.

However, you need to ensure that you’re cleaning the panels using water to get rid of accumulated debris or dust.

Contact JL Phillips to learn more about solar panel maintenance.

Myth #5 – Solar Panels Can Damage Your Roof

Installing solar panels on your roof can actually prove to be beneficial, as they protect and preserve it from harsh weather conditions.

However, in the event that your roof is damaged and needs to be repaired, you can easily remove the panels because they’re not attached to your roof. In fact, they’re simply mounted on it.

Additionally, the mounts are protected by installing a metal covering or ‘flashing’ which acts as an extra barrier.

Contact JL Phillips to Install Solar Thermal Panels at Home Today

Now that the various solar panel myths have been debunked, why not consider installing one at your home?

Not only does it help reduce your carbon footprint but also enables you to save at least hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on your energy bills. What’s more, the installation of solar panels also makes you eligible for domestic RHI.

Why not contact the team at JL Phillips and get the solar thermal panels installed at your home today?

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