5 Quick Fixes To Transform Your Business Into An Eco-Friendly Hub

Tuesday June 2, 2020

Over the past couple of months, we’ve all been asked to stay indoors which has allowed nature to heal. The positive effects of this have further brought the importance of climate change to the fore.

Now, with some of the restrictions being lifted, it’s time for us to come up with innovative ways to curb the spread of the virus. Moreover, we need to focus on how we become more eco-friendly, as the problem of climate change is as present as ever. 

How can you make your business more environmentally-friendly?

For starters, you can analyse the energy consumption of your company and look for ways to go green. This way, you will not only play your part for the environment but also see where you can save on costs.

At JL Philips, we have put together some quick ways that can help you make your business go green and stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s take a look at these quick fixes.

Say No To Plastic Waste

It goes without saying that we have to stop consuming coffee in disposable cups, and using plastic straws and bottled water. However, have you taken into account the contribution your business is making to plastic waste every year?

If you have a water cooler stacked with plastic cups in your workplace, consider replacing them with reusable ones or gift your employees’ eco-friendly water bottles.

Similarly, when hosting meetings and offering lunch, a lot of plastic waste can be accumulated. This is because many lunch platters are covered in plastic packaging and so are those dessert trays.

Look for companies that use a biodegradable packaging or purchase from local vendors who provide reusable trays and plates.

Use Eco-Friendly Products To Advertise Your Business

You might attend several industry conferences and trade shows a year, and use an array of promotional products to advertise yourself.

These usually include pens, highlighters, and notebooks printed with your business logo. They may look great, but these promotional products are not environmentally-friendly and may hamper your image as a green business.

Instead, why not team up with printing specialists offering an extensive range of eco-friendly products that are made using organic materials.

This approach will help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst boosting brand awareness. On top of that, offering upcycled or recycled products creates positive word-of-mouth publicity and highlights the steps taken by your business to curb the effects of climate change.

Switch to Renewable Energy Sources

When it comes to daily business operations, many companies have started using renewable technology. You too can take a similar approach, as it is an excellent way to lower your carbon emissions.

This will not only enhance your business’s green credentials but also save you money and lower your use of fossil fuels.

Using green web hosting, selecting a renewable energy supplier, installing solar panels or a heat pump in your office are some of the green initiatives you can implement in your business.

If you are still not convinced, it is worth taking a look at some of the benefits you can reap from renewable technology.

For added advantage, you can also sign up for the government’s commercial RHI program, also known as business RHI. To find out more about the scheme, head to our RHI page.

Ask Your Employees to Join the Bandwagon

Our daily transportation is accountable for nearly 25% of the UK’s total carbon emissions.

Being a business, if you want to do your bit for the environment, then encourage your employees to look for an eco-friendly alternative. For example, if you are offering a company car then look for an electric option. You can also offer your staff small incentives so that they can cycle or carpool to the office.

Why not reward employees who are doing their bit to reduce their impact on the environment?

Currently, the majority of us are working from home and that has, in some way, proven to be beneficial for nature. Perhaps, you can offer more work from home opportunities after this crisis comes to an end?

Purchase Recyclable Electronics

All of us have printers and other electronics in the office that no longer work. However, rather than tossing them in the dustbin, you can look for an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of the gadgets.

You can choose the eco-friendly option and donate your electronics to recycling centres. Instead of throwing the electronics away, they will be repaired and made reusable.

Change Your Business Into An Environmentally-Friendly Haven!

As a business, you need to constantly look for ways that help you lead this fight and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

While these quick fixes might look like minor changes, when put together they will definitely create a huge difference in the way we perceive and treat our natural environment.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can make a difference in the world by transforming your business into a hub for energy-efficiency.


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