UK Gas Boiler Ban: All The Latest Updates On British Gas Boilers

Tuesday July 5, 2022

If you’ve recently heard the news about the UK gas boiler ban, you’re not alone. Among the number of initiatives taken by the UK government to reach the target of carbon net-zero by 2050, the upcoming gas boiler ban is one of the most important ones.

Heating systems are an essential part of our lifestyle. However, the large number of carbon emissions emitted by fossil fuel-based heating systems have been causing great damage to the environment. 

As a result, the UK government aims to reduce the use of oil and gas boilers and replace them with greener alternatives like heat pump systems.

In order to achieve their goals, the government has announced that all new homes after 2025 will be banned from installing oil and gas boilers. 

Now we’re sure this ban raises a number of questions. Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the UK gas boiler ban, so here we go!

Gas Boilers Banned: Why Do We Need It?

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide are now found in great quantities in the atmosphere.

They are the product of various harmful human activities like the combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation, refrigerants and other industrial processes.

These gases are responsible for trapping greater amounts of heat emitted from the sun leading to global warming on Earth. Not only is this harmful for future generations but is also responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.

Heating Systems and Global Warming

For the longest time, we have been using cheap and environmentally harmful sources of energy for central heating purposes.

Currently, over 95% of homes in the UK are centrally heated and a large number of them are using fossil fuel-based heating systems.

Responsible for about 14% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, British gas boilers are causing great harm to the environment.

Moreover, given that they are run on non-renewable sources of energy, oil and gas boilers are bound to become obsolete at some point.

Hence, to reduce carbon emissions, increase efficiency and achieve carbon net-zero emissions by 2050, the gas boiler ban is important.

What Does The UK Gas Boiler Ban Mean For You?

As of now, the gas boiler ban is only applicable to all homes built after 2025, which means that if you have one with you now, you don’t need to panic.

However, if your oil or gas boiler is fairly old, we suggest you switch to low-carbon alternatives like heat pump systems.

These heat pumps come with a number of financial and environmental benefits that really make you reconsider your gas boiler.

Financial Benefits of Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps have energy efficiency levels that reach up to 400%, saving you 3 times more money compared to a gas boiler.

With the heat pump grant provided by the UK government, purchasing a heat pump is very affordable now.

Environmental Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems can greatly reduce your carbon footprint, improve the air quality around your home and mitigate global warming.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

In order to make it easier for the citizens of the UK to reach the target of net-zero emission by 2050, the UK government has launched the boiler upgrade scheme.

Under this scheme, homeowners can get vouchers of up to £6000 for the purchase of a new heat pump for their property.

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