What Is Energy Efficiency And How Can You Make The Most Of It

Tuesday March 3, 2020

These days, the term ‘energy efficiency’ is used quite a bit. Right from energy companies to home and kitchen appliance stores, it seems like everyone is getting on the energy-efficiency bandwagon. Even the government is using this phrase to promote the Renewable Heat Incentive program

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Simply put, energy efficiency is all about making the most of the available and naturally-occurring energy resources. It’s all about regulating the way you use energy without wasting any of it. 

For instance, let’s consider a traditional light bulb. It produces light, but in the process ends up wasting a lot of heat energy. On the other hand, energy-saving light bulbs produce the same amount of light without creating as much heat. This is simply because these efficient light bulbs consume less power when compared to their traditional counterparts. 

The term energy-efficiency can be used in a much broader sense as well. Instead of concentrating on the efficiency of a single appliance, we can take into account the overall effectiveness of an entire property or even city,  in terms of energy.

How Can You be More Energy-Efficient?

As the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’. Similarly, to start being more conscious about your energy usage, start at home. Ensure that all the electrical appliances in your home are operating at peak efficiency. If that’s not the case, replace the energy-hogging appliances with new efficient ones. 

Here are some idea to be more energy-efficient in your home:

Consume Less Electricity

It might seem obvious, but the first and most important rule for saving electricity is to not leave appliances on standby. You will have to leave your freezer and your fridge running full time and your alarm system as well, but for nearly everything else that runs on electricity, switch it off when it’s not being used!

A brilliant alternative to consuming less electricity is to use rechargeable batteries. Just ensure that you get high-quality batteries that are durable and reliable. Additionally, you can also invest in a ‘smart charger’ that prevents your batteries from being overcharged.

Switch to Energy-Saving Lighting

Energy-efficient lights consume up to 80% less energy when compared to traditional bulbs. What’s more, they last ten times longer than regular bulbs. A single energy-saving light could save up to £2.50 every year and this could rise to up to £6. When you replace the standard lighting in your home with the efficient alternatives, you could save £37 on your energy bill every year. Whilst this may not be too exciting, you could knock off 135 kg off your carbon footprint. That’s the equivalent of taking a train from Glasgow to London and back. 

Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Home

Heating and hot water requirements make up for around four-fifths of most fuel bills. So introducing energy-efficiency in your heating can make a huge difference. This will reflect in the reduced utility bills you receive. 

If you’ve had the same boiler for the past 15 years, then it’s probably time that you consider getting an upgrade. You can opt for more eco-friendly options and go for a biomass boiler or air/ground source heat pump installation. To make the most of your renewable heating, install a thermostat and ensure that it’s communicating with your central heating system properly. If need be, you can fix thermostats individually on the radiators in your home. Additionally, you can get a control system that allows you to regulate heating from a remote location. 

To further reduce the cost of heating your home, you can:

  • Apply sufficient layers of insulation to the roof and walls
  • Install doors and windows with double glazing
  • Keep the windows and doors of your home shut
  • Stop draughts

By reducing the temperature on the thermostat by 1°C, you could save up to 10% more on your energy bill. Just pull on an extra jumper to stay warm.

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