5 Ways To Save Money By Making Your Business Green

Tuesday March 17, 2020

As a business, you might think that it’s a bit expensive to be more environmentally-friendly, right? This is not necessarily true because being green is a sound investment decision. Think about it. Issues related to the environment are going to change the face of the business world in the near future and it will do you well to prepare beforehand.

Companies that are energy conscious will be in a better position to navigate through the changes and will be able to deal with the price hikes that are associated with traditional energy consumption. This, amongst other things, will help you save a considerable amount of money over the years. If, as a business, you wish to reduce your cost of operation, making your business green is your ticket!

With so many options to choose from, it is difficult to stand out and get noticed. Making your business green is a surefire way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Moreover, it will help you expand your bottom line. 

Green Approach as a Part of Your Company Culture

Make your employees a part of your green business vision and invite their inputs and engagement. Come up with efficiency goals and make it interesting, fun and inclusive by celebrating small victories. 

Implementing simple steps and making being green a group project will help you reduce your overall impact on the planet. What’s more, you will be saving quite a bit of money by adopting a cleaner approach. 

In this piece, we have discussed 6 ways that you can save money by making your business green. 

1. Use Alternative Energy Sources to Power Your Workplace 

You can install renewable heating technologies that generate power using renewable energy like wind and water to heat a building. The ideal way to be green is to look at installing a renewable energy heat pump – we’d recommend taking a look at our ground source heat pump installation. What’s more, you can reap the benefits of government subsidies under the commercial RHI scheme.

Using green heating technologies like heat pumps will help reduce your bills so much that in a few years time, the installation will basically pay for itself. Another added benefit is that heat pumps can cater to both heating and cooling of a property. So you won’t have to install another unit. 

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2. Say No to Plastic Bottles 

In the UK, over 5 million tonnes of plastic is consumed each year. Yet only a quarter of it is recycled. While your business alone couldn’t reverse this effect, implementing practices that would make even the smallest difference will help. You can do your bit to reduce the burden of plastic in the environment. Get a water filtration system in your workplace and there will be fresh and clean water for everyone. 

Additionally, you can distribute reusable cups and mugs or perhaps steel or glass water bottles so that there’s no wastage. You can save so much time and money by switching to this alternative and avoiding packaged water

3. Change Light Bulbs 

You might not end up saving 10 million kWh worth of electricity on a yearly basis but switching to LED lighting is the ideal green move not to mention it’s a worthy investment. LED bulbs use comparatively less energy which will be reflected in the reduced bills you receive. What’s more, they do not contain mercury and other toxic gases that a typical incandescent or fluorescent light would contain. After the initial cost, LED lighting will end up lasting about 5 times longer than regular bulbs. So by all means, switch to these as soon as possible. 

4. Deal with Green Vendors 

Choose vendors to conduct business on the basis of their green credentials and practices. Pick vendors who diligently follow sustainability guidelines. Talk to them and find out about the efforts they have taken to green their business. For something as simple as a printer, pick a vendor who supplies recycled paper. Look for companies that use energy-efficient methods and practices aimed at reducing their carbon footprint.  

5. Get Rid of Outdated Appliances 

Choose appliances that come with energy-efficiency ratings to help assess how green and sustainable they are over time. Check the ratings before you invest in something new. If required, splurge on appliances that have long-term economic and environmental savings.

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