Air Source Heat Pumps – 5 Myths Debunked

Tuesday June 16, 2020

Despite air source heat pump technology having been around for a while, many people are still sceptical about its installation in their homes. This is largely because of the misconceptions revolving around these heating systems.

The experts at JL Philips are here to dispel some of the common myths about heat pumps so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing a system.

Let’s dive in!

Myth #1 – An Air Source Heat Pump is Very Noisy

This one had to be at the top of our list because it is one of the most common myths you are likely to hear.

Many people think that air source heat pumps are as noisy as a cranky old boiler. This couldn’t be further from the truth since all the latest heat pumps are equipped with energy-efficient and noise reduction technology.

The entire heating system is acoustically engineered to ensure that it offers an almost noise-free experience.

While your heat pump is likely to make a distinctive noise because of the fan pulling the air through the system, you will not hear anything indoors. The key is to get it installed professionally from a commercial heat pump installation company like JL Phillips.

If you are looking for professional air source heat pump installers, then we have got you covered.

Myth #2 – An Air Source Heat Pump isn’t Good for Cold Weather

An air source heat pump’s mechanism is such that it is capable of converting ice-cold air into warm and comfortable air, making it one of the most efficient heating technologies. Of course, to maintain comfortable temperatures, it has to work harder in the colder months, but this isn’t something you’ll notice as an end-user.

You might have heard people complaining about the system’s inefficiency, but that is generally the result of improper installation and it has nothing to do with the heat pump.

These heat pumps have the potential to dispense heat in temperatures as low as  -20 degrees, which speaks volumes about its efficiency and effectiveness.

Myth #3 – An Air Source Heat Pump has to Be Installed Next to Your Home

When it comes to installing air source heat pumps, you may be concerned about the fan units’ aesthetic appearance. This is especially true if you do not want a box sitting on your manicured lawn or attached to your house. 

Luckily, air source heat pumps offered by JL Philips are highly versatile and available in different types of configurations. We can help you install it anywhere around the outside of your home. What’s more, the compact design of the unit makes it perfect for homes with less space without compromising on the aesthetic appeal.

Be it behind the shed or in the forgotten corners of your garden; you name it, and we will set it up.

Myth #4 – An Air Source Heat Pump Does Not Work Alongside Radiators

Air source heat pumps work efficiently with radiators at a lower temperature range of 35 to 45-degree celsius.

Based on the heat pump’s flow temperature, you will have to right-size your radiators. This should be done in a way that both the systems reflect similar settings and complement each other to maintain a comfortable temperature. The lower the flow temperature is, the more efficiently your heat pump will function.

Over a period of time, these heat pumps will be more cost-effective and help you save money and energy in your home.

Myth #5 – An Air Source Heat Pump is Too Costly

Installation of an air source heat pump will require a significant upfront investment but if installed properly, you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your energy bills.

To add to the pool of money you’d be saving (and earning), you can sign up for the financial incentives under the domestic RHI scheme for using renewable energy technologies where you can earn a significant return on your investment over a period of time.

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