Air Source Heat Pumps

Many have heard of ground source heat pumps and the high efficiency levels they can offer. But few have realised that air source heat pumps can also offer higher levels of efficiency* when compared to traditional methods of heating our homes.

Air source heat pumps are much easier to install than ground source so they are more suitable for a wide variety of properties from flats to detached houses.

The Ecodan air source heat pump system consists of an external box which is fitted to your outside wall. It harvests renewable, low grade energy from the outdoor air and upgrades this into useful heat to supply a home with hot water and heating. For every 1kW of electricity fed into an Ecodan heat pump unit (i.e.the outdoor part of the Ecodan heating system), you could get at least 3kW of heating energy.

The Ecodan heat pump unit (i.e. the outdoor part of the Ecodan heating system) can work all year round even if the outdoor temperature should drop as low as -25ºC**.

The Ecodan range of air source heat pump systems have been developed by Mitsubishi Electric specifically for the UK. They bring advanced, inverter-driven technology refined in the commercial heating sector to your home.

*Efficiency comparison and any energy saving will depend on comparison with your current heating system, satisfactory system design and installation, and operational settings i.e. how you use the heating system.

**Ecodan model PUHZ-HW140VHA/YHA only, PUHZ-W50VHA and PUHZ-W85VHA Ecodan models have guaranteed operating lower limits of -15ºC and -20ºC respectively.

The technology inside the air source heat pump is similar to any domestic refrigerator, which uses a vapour compression cycle. The main components in the air source heat pump are the compressor, the expansion valve and two heat exchangers (an evaporator and a condenser).

  • Refrigerant in the evaporator is colder than the heat source. This causes the heat to move from the heat source (in this case the outside air) to
    the refrigerant, which then evaporates.
  • This vapour moves to the compressor and reaches a higher temperature and pressure.
  • The hot vapour now enters the condenser and gives off heat as it condenses.
  • The refrigerant then moves to the expansion valve; drops in temperature and pressure; and then returns to the evaporator.

To ensure that you get the best performance and enjoy the full range of benefits that Ecodan has to offer, we recommend you install an approved packaged solution. We have carried out extensive research and development to ensure we can maximise Ecodan’s unique performance.

To take full advantage of Ecodan, install an approved packaged system that teams Ecodan with the ideal water storage cylinder and perfect control system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Factory assembled for reliability – reduces call-backs and delays.
  • Simplified on site installation – up to 70% quicker to install than third party non pre-assembled systems.
  • Consistent electrical and plumbing layout, with a neat and tidy finish.
  • Plug in connections for all controls.
  • No tanks required in roof space.
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality assured.
  • Three year warranty.

Whilst we recommend using an approved packaged system, Ecodan will also work with most other leading brands of water storage cylinders and controls. The space heating ability will operate in much the same way as with the packaged system, but it’s important to note that the production of hot water may vary. We therefore recommend that careful consideration is given to the specification of the hot water storage cylinder, in order to maintain optimum efficiency of the water heating cycle.

To allow the home owner to continue to operate both their central heating and hot water time clocking using a commonly available two-channel controller, we have introduced the Flow Temperature Controller (FTC2) interface. In a Space Heating mode the FTC2 will ensure that Ecodan operates at optimum efficiency, varying the flow temperature to either the radiator or under floor heating system to meet a homes heating requirements.

In a Water Heating mode the FTC2 will allow the Ecodan to work with leading brands of water storage tanks. It is, however, important to consider that the overall performance of the system in Water Heating mode will be very dependant on the thermal performance of the storage tank’s heat exchanger. With the packaged systems we offer, the heat exchangers have been designed to offer an optimised performance across the whole Ecodan water flow temperature range and these performances have been tested and verified. We therefore strongly recommend that similar consideration is given to the specification of any hot water storage tank before being considered for operation with the Ecodan.

To find out whether an Air Source Heat Pump might be a good solution for you, Contact Us for more information.

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