Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

● Reliable, Green Energy For Your Home

● Works Year Round, Even in -25°C Temperatures

● Can Be Used for Central Heating and Hot Water

● Pay 0% VAT

● Lifespan of 20+ Years

● 1 year warranty on installation workmanship

● Up to 5 Years’ Warranty on All Parts

If you’re looking for a modern, green and energy efficient way of heating your home, then ​domestic air source heat pumps​ are ideal for you. For every kilowatt of electricity used to operate the pump, you generate four kilowatts of energy in return. This makes installation of domestic air source heat pumps over 400% more efficient, simply using the heat generated by the sun.

Air source heat pumps carry heat from outside of a building and transfer it directly to the central heating system of your home. What’s more, these heat pumps are used extensively for water heating as well! Several appliances like underfloor heating systems, ​boilers​ and even radiators work well with domestic air source heat pumps.

There are three main components of air source heat pump technology:

● The compressor

● The expansion valve

● Heat exchangers (an evaporator and a condenser)

Domestic air heat pumps use vapour compression to provide heat for domestic use.

Here’s how the system actually works to produce heat for your home:

● The outside air is a hotter temperature than the refrigerant stored in the pump’s evaporator.

● This shifts the heat from the heat source to the refrigerant, causing it to evaporate .

● The evaporated vapour then moves to the compressor which increases both the temperature and pressure.

● This is when the hot vapour enters the condenser and feeds heat to the central system as it condenses.

● Now the refrigerant shifts to the expansion valve where the temperature and pressure drop, dispensing it to your heating system and looping back into the evaporator to continue the cycle.

We Provide one type of domestic air source heat pumps:

● Air-to-water

An air-to-water heat pump transmits heat through the wet central heating system installed in your home. You’ll see that heat pumps function better at a lower temperature when compared to a standard boiler system. This makes them a better fit for larger radiators or underfloor heating systems. That’s because these heating systems emanate heat at lower temperatures over longer periods of time.

● Save money on energy bills – ​The installation of air source heat pumps will generate roughly 75% of carbon-neutral energy. This means the longer you use an air source heat pump, the more you’ll save on energy bills, not to mention fuel costs as well!

● Consistent heating -​ Even at a lower temperature, heat pumps manage to warm your home over a long period of time. If you don’t require heating or hot water, it gets stored inside the hot water cylinder. This way you can use this stored heating on demand.

● Energy-saving -​ Air source heat pumps produce substantially less carbon dioxide when compared to other boilers. This not only saves energy and improves its overall efficiency, but also increases the sale value of your home.

● Financial incentives – ​Homeowners can now reap the benefits of financial rewards issued by the government for adopting a green approach under the ​Renewable Heat Incentive scheme​. Participants are paid quarterly over seven years for installing renewable technology in their homes. These payments are meant to offset the additional amount invested in heat pump technology.

● Dual heating – ​With domestic air source heat pumps, you can heat both your home and water.

● Maintenance and servicing – ​The upkeep of the system will require minimum attention.

● Easier installation – ​Air source heat pumps are comparatively easier to install than ground source heat pumps, with significantly less underground piping.

To ensure that you get the best performance and enjoy the full range of benefits that Ecodan has to offer, we recommend you install an approved packaged solution. We have carried out extensive research and development to ensure we can maximise Ecodan’s unique performance.

To take full advantage of Ecodan, install an approved packaged system that teams Ecodan with the ideal water storage cylinder and perfect control system.

Mitsubishi Electric Cylinder       Kingspan Cylinder

Features and Benefits:

  • Factory assembled for reliability – reduces call-backs and delays.
  • Simplified on site installation – up to 70% quicker to install than third party non pre-assembled systems.
  • Consistent electrical and plumbing layout, with a neat and tidy finish.
  • Plug in connections for all controls.
  • No tanks required in roof space.
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality assured.
  • Five year warranty.

Whilst we recommend using an approved packaged system, Ecodan will also work with most other leading brands of water storage cylinders and controls. The space heating ability will operate in much the same way as with the packaged system, but it’s important to note that the production of hot water may vary. We therefore recommend that careful consideration is given to the specification of the hot water storage cylinder, in order to maintain optimum efficiency of the water heating cycle.

To allow the homeowner to continue to operate both their central heating and hot water time clocking using a commonly available two-channel controller, we have introduced the Flow Temperature Controller (FTC2) interface. In a Space Heating mode the FTC2 will ensure that Ecodan operates at optimum efficiency, varying the flow temperature to either the radiator or Underfloor Heating System to meet a homes heating requirements.

In a Water Heating mode the FTC2 will allow the Ecodan to work with leading brands of water storage tanks. It is, however, important to consider that the overall performance of the system in Water Heating mode will be very dependant on the thermal performance of the storage tank’s heat exchanger. With the packaged systems we offer, the heat exchangers have been designed to offer an optimised performance across the whole Ecodan water flow temperature range and these performances have been tested and verified. We therefore strongly recommend that similar consideration is given to the specification of any hot water storage tank before being considered for operation with the Ecodan.

To find out whether an Air Source Heat Pump might be a good solution for you, Contact Us for more information.

Domestic air source heat pumps resemble air-conditioning units. Not only are they easier to install than ground source heat pumps, but they are also cheaper in comparison. According to ‘The Energy Saving Trust’, the cost of installing an air source heat pump can be anywhere between £8,000 and £14,000.

As industry veterans, professionals at JL Phillips knows their way around the installation process. We can also provide you with all the information you need about the up and coming BUS scheme so that you can make the most of the government scheme.

Typically, heat pump systems come with a warranty of up to three years. Moreover, workmanship warranties can extend up to 10 years. But, that’s only through Quality Assured National Warranties(QANW). Several manufacturers may offer a warranty extension for an additional fee.

With regular ​servicing​, you can expect air source heat pumps to run for more than 20 years. But these systems require routine scheduled maintenance to keep them in top condition. An annual check by a professional installer will keep you in top best running performance.

Having written details of maintenance checks to conduct to ensure that the heating system is in top-notch condition is ideal. It is recommended that you consult with your supplier regarding the precise servicing and maintenance needs before agreeing to install a heat pump, or alternatively our experienced team are on hand to offer advice and support.

You’ll generally be advised to conduct an annual check to see that the evaporator and air inlet grill are not obstructed by leaves and other debris.

Engineers from the installation company are likely to advise you to check the central heating pressure gauge every now and then. They’ll even show you how to do this.

Antifreeze is used to keep the heat pumps from freezing in exceptionally cold weather.

Professionals from the installation company will check the levels of antifreeze and its concentration.

Regular servicing will be required by a refrigeration engineer in case your heat pump has external refrigeration pipes. Although with domestic air source heat pumps, having external pipes is highly unusual.

JL Phillips has been in the design and installation business for a decade giving us an industry experience that’s unmatched and bespoke. We work with our customers closely to understand and meet their requirements.

To find out if Domestic Air Source Heat Pump is a good solution for your needs, ​get in touch​ with us today!

JL Phillips install heat pumps across the whole of the UK, predominantly covering the ​Midlands including Newark, Nottingham, Mansfield, Loughborough, Lincoln, Peterborough, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, as well as Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Leeds, Sheffield and all surrounding areas.

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