Biomass Boilers – 5 Surprising Benefits You Didn’t Know Of!

Tuesday June 7, 2022

When it comes to renewable heating systems, biomass boilers are often regarded as one of the most commonly preferred options.

They have been in the market for a while now and ever since the Boiler Upgrade Scheme has been introduced, they have become popular.

However, while the installation of the biomass boilers is subsidised by the government under the heat pump grant, it comes with some limitations. Learn more about this here

Biomass boilers can be one of the most energy-efficient ways to provide heating to households while reducing your impact on the environment.

When you think about it, burning wood in order to generate heat is not really a brand new idea. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years. 

So what is so different about biomass boilers and what is biomass exactly? That’s what we’ll discover today. 

In this article, we will find out what biomass is and take a look at a few reasons why you should get a biomass boiler for your home, so let’s begin.

What Is Biomass?

Biomass can be referred to as any plant-based biological material that can be used as fuel to generate heat and electricity. This may involve wood, agricultural residues, and other biological waste obtained from farms, households and industries. 

However, when we talk about domestic biomass boilers, the fuel is usually limited to wood chips, pellets and logs. 

Biomass is considered a low-carbon or carbon-neutral fuel due to the minimal amount of carbon emissions it emits upon burning. 

The name carbon-neutral comes from the theory that it only releases as much carbon into the atmosphere as it had consumed while growing, making it a carbon-neutral fuel.

Now that you know what is biomass, it’s time we explore the benefits of installing a biomass boiler in your home.

The 5 Benefits of Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers come with a number of environmental and financial benefits. Here is a list of some of their most evident benefits. Now let’s explore exactly what they are.


1. Environmental Benefits


Biomass has a number of environmental benefits, the primary one being, as mentioned above, the low amount of carbon emissions it emits.

These boilers use wood chips, pellets and sawdust as fuel, which is a cheaper and more sustainable fuel source

Furthermore, the ash produced by the boilers can also be used as soil fertilisers by farmers. 


2. Energy Efficiency


Biomass boilers are equally efficient as other boilers that use fossil fuels like oil and gas to function. 

With approximately 90% energy efficiency, biomass boilers are efficient and beneficial to the environment – something you can’t say about fossil fuel-based boilers.


3. Renewable Source of Energy


Unlike fossil fuels, which take millions of years to form, biomass is a renewable source of energy that takes much less time as trees are planted every day.


4. Inexpensive Fuel


In comparison to fossil fuels, the renewable nature of biomass makes it a highly inexpensive source of energy.

In some areas of the world, wood pellets, chips and logs can also be found and used for almost no money.


5. Boiler Upgrade Scheme


The boiler upgrade scheme announced by the UK government promises to provide vouchers worth £5000 for new biomass boilers.

However, this is subject to certain conditions put forward by the government. To learn more about them, click here.

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