5 Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Wednesday January 29, 2020

With ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) available for installation in both commercial and residential properties, heating and cooling has never been easier. As a renewable heating system, ground source heat pump installation has experienced exponential growth worldwide, adding to the overall efficiency in properties of all shapes and sizes. Its natural and highly efficient nature has made it a rather strong competitor in the alternative heating technology business. 

In this piece, we have discussed the various benefits of ground source heat pump installation and why it is the ultimate solution for being green with your energy.

1. Financial Incentive Through Commercial RHI

The Renewable heat incentive or RHI was launched by the UK government to extend financial support to businesses and individuals who installed eligible renewable heating systems. GSHP installation is a surefire way to avail commercial RHI payments for heat generation. Installing domestic or commercial RHI heat pumps will not only help produce clean and green energy but also help secure government subsidies. 

2. Highly Cost-Efficient

As GSHPs are comparatively cheaper to run than electric heating, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money on all your energy bills. These heat pumps are more affordable than oil and gas-based boilers. Initially, ground source heat pump installation might seem expensive but it’s a worthwhile investment. When you combine your saving from energy bills and the RHI payments you receive, in essence, the system pays for itself in the long run. 

For instance, the average savings for homeowners who have ground source heat pumps installed is greater than 60%. If an average household uses GSHP to produce 75% of the heating, they can expect to save anywhere around  £600 a year on energy bills. Get your free quick quote here to get an estimate of the saving and installation costs involved!

Another advantage for businesses and homeowners is that the constant fluctuation in gas and oil prices will not be something they’ll have to worry about. Ground source heat pump installation has a certain level of financial security as it is comparatively more reliable and cost-effective than other traditional heating systems. 

3. Effective and Safe

Another brilliant benefit of GSHP installation is that they are fundamentally safe. There is no exposed equipment whatsoever which makes it extremely safe, especially if you have children or pets at home. Additionally, there is no scope of pets or children causing damage to any external units per se. With ground source heat pumps, businesses and homeowners need not worry about flammable fuels.  There is zero risk of harmful gas emissions or combustion so you will feel safe knowing your heating and hot water is being provided safely with no imminent harm whatsoever.

4. Environment-Friendly 

The impact that we have had on the environment is very evident which is why adopting a clean and green approach is the need of the hour. Reducing our carbon footprint is important now more than ever and GSHP installation perfectly fits the description. As ground source heat pumps extract heat from under the ground’s surface, they use renewable energy to function. Compared to coal or electric heating, this is a far better alternative.  

Businesses and homes can reduce around 350 to 5410 kilograms of carbon dioxide every year by installing ground source heat pumps over traditional heating systems. 

The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association states that the systems that have already been installed, have a tremendous impact on the environment as these have helped eliminate over 3,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide which is as good as taking 650,000 automobiles off the road. 

5. Reliable and Effective

A heat pump that’s well designed and installed by a professional heating company has a lifespan of more than 20 years. What’s more, the system requires little to no maintenance as just an annual check will suffice to ensure that the system is working efficiently. As the major elements of GSHP are concealed underground, they are safely hidden from extreme weather that includes, wind, snow and ice. This makes ground source heat pump installation perfect for the cold British winters. Besides, they can also provide cooling in summer. 

With ground source heat pumps, you can add to the market value of your property. Planning authorities usually recommend installing ground source systems as they are silent, safe, practically invisible and good for the environment.

In essence, it is a great heating alternative which you should definitely consider installing in your property. 

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