Biomass Boilers

The principle of using biomass is simply the process of burning of logs, wood chips or wood pellets in a stove or biomass boiler.

Stoves that burn logs have to be filled with wood by hand requiring constant attention. Biomass heating boilers can be either manually fed or fully automated, computer controlled systems but both are extremely efficient. The majority of boilers run on wood chips or pellets, have automatic fuel feeders which refill them at regular intervals and don’t need supervision. As a biomass boiler system can be plumbed into your existing central heating piping, installation is a relatively easy process but biomass boilers are generally bigger than gas or oil fired boilers.

Whether you are buying in bulk or in small quantities you will also need an appropriate space for the storage of fuel i.e. a shed or garage. The most common kind of fuel for a biomass boiler is wood pellets or wood chips. Wood pellets are cylindrical shapes made from compacted sawdust, occurring naturally as a result of saw milling. Wood chips are small pieces of wood manufactured from de-barked logs. The type of fuel you chose will depend of a number of factors including available space, storage facilities and cost.

  • A much cheaper form of fuel up to 70% cheaper than other energy.
  • Using biomass to heat your home will generate an income via the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive
  • A very efficient and low carbon form of heating.
  • Gives you the customer absolute budgeting control on your heating costs.
  • Avoid predicted rises in oil & electric in the future.
  • Be part of the movement that is leading the break away from conventional more expensive and damaging fossil fuels.
  • Site Surveys & Full Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management & Detailed Design
  • Biomass Boiler Installations
  • Supply & Installation of Fuel Feed Systems, Storage, Boilers & Heating circuits
  • Servicing & Maintenance
  • RHI Application Guidance

We offer a range of domestic, commercial and industrial biomass boilers from leading industry suppliers Herz and ETA. Our range of boilers can accommodate a number of fuel types including wood chips, wood pellets and also log, and are suitable for a range of power outputs; from domestic heating to large industrial and commercial heating systems.

Alongside our partners we can offer packaged solutions known as the Heat Pod and Heat Hub. These meet your biomass heating needs without all the on-site construction.

A two-in-one solution with a boiler and fuel store in one, our Heat Pod houses biomass boilers up to 450kW and the Heat Hub provides up to 1MW of renewable heating.

A packaged plant room is a popular choice that allows our clients to get on with the running of their business and their daily routine without the potential disruption installing a biomass boiler can sometimes have.

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