Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

● Reliable, Green Energy For Your Home

● Pay 0% VAT

● Works Year Round, Even in Snow

● Can Be Used for Central Heating and Hot Water

● Lifespan of 20+ Years

● Installation warranty of 1 year

● Up to 7 Years’ Warranty on All Parts

While domestic ground source heat pumps may come across as complex technology, in reality, they’re quite simple. Ground source heat pumps have garnered quite a bit of attention recently as they produce green energy making it an environment-friendly technology.

This is good news because the UK government is providing financial incentives to individuals for producing energy that’s carbon neutral!

But before you invest in a domestic ground source heat pump installation, you should know as much about it as possible.

Domestic ground source heat pumps operate by soaking up solar energy as it warms up the ground. It consists of a sequence of pipes concealed underground that absorb this trapped heat from the surface. Once this heat is converted, it can be used in several appliances like underfloor heating, radiators and hot water in your home. This is what makes our green energy heat pumps ideal for your home.

There are two components of a ground source heat pump technology:

● The ground loop or the surface collector – ​It is concealed underground and can be either horizontal or vertical. This collects the heat from the ground.

● The visible bit stationed in the house,​ that’s the heat pump itself. This heating technology is based on the working of a fridge, but in reverse! Just as your fridge removes heat from your food and dispels it outside, a ground source heat pump absorbs heat from the ground and carries it to the building it’s to heat.

Ground source heat pumps soak up low-grade heat and concentrate it for domestic use in the central heating system of your home. All year-round, the mechanism of the heat pump works relentlessly to absorb low-grade solar energy from the sun and the rain while maintaining a base temperature of 8 to 12 degrees.

The question is, how does this mechanism work?

Mentioned below is the breakdown of how a ground source heat pump works:

● Antifreeze is filled in the pipes that are buried in the ground to prevent it from freezing in winter. ● These pipes are fed by way of a heat exchange device known as the ‘evaporator’.

● The antifreeze inside the evaporator heats the energy extracted from the ground and it then begins to boil and converts into gas.

● This evaporated gas is then compressed to increase the temperature even further. It then flows into a second heat exchange device known as the ‘condenser’.

● The hot water pipes of your home’s central heating runs through the condenser which is heated up by the gas.

● As the antifreeze gas cools down a bit, it liquefies and is sent back to the evaporator to be used again.

Because J L Phillips heat pumps are so efficient, the carbon emission is substantially lower when compared to traditional heating methods. This makes ground source heat pumps eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive program!

Three to four kilowatts of energy is produced and transferred in exchange for every kilowatt of energy required to operate the pump. This means that a JL Phillips heat pump installation will be 300 to 400% more efficient in terms of electricity usage. At this level of efficiency, carbon dioxide emission will be 70% lower when compared to a gas boiler heating system. In retrospect, the electricity that you’ll eventually be using will be entirely renewable. This can help reduce carbon emissions to zero.

This proves that installing ground source heat pumps is highly efficient not to mention, they are carbon-neutral and green. What’s more, the government has the ​domestic RHI​ scheme in place to reward individuals with financial incentives for producing clean energy.

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● Save money on energy bills – ​ Your heating costs will reduce to almost a quarter of the usual cost as it produces three to four times more green energy.

● Consistent heating -​ Absorbs heat from the ground all year round ensuring that there’s consistent heating for your home.

● Energy-saving -​ As compared to traditional heating systems, heat pumps produce far less carbon dioxide making the energy efficiency of your home better.

● Financial incentives – ​Homeowners can now reap the benefits of financial rewards issued by the government for adopting a green approach under the ​Renewable Heat Incentive scheme​. Participants are paid quarterly over seven years for installing renewable technology in their homes. These payments are meant to offset the additional amount invested in heat pump technology.

● Fully automated -​ As domestic ground source heat pump installation is automated, there’s comparatively less work involved than biomass​ boilers​.

● Space-saving, risk-free and safe -​ As there are no fuel storage requirements, heat pumps save a considerable amount of space. And because there’s no fuel, there’s no risk of it being stolen. Also, there will be no risk of combustion with this system as it doesn’t emit dangerous gases.

● Maintenance and servicing – ​Ground source heat pumps need very little maintenance and servicing as compared to combustion-based heating technologies.

● Longer life span -​ The ground heat exchanger component in the domestic ground source heat pump installation has a lifespan of over 100 years. This means a little servicing and maintenance​ will go a long way with these heat pumps.

● No planning permission required – ​Our units are silent, out-of-the-way and unobtrusive. Moreover, they don’t need prior permissions and planning.

● Value of your property -​ A J L Phillips heat pump is likely to add to the sale value of your property.

If you wish to unleash all the benefits of a renewable heating option in your home, you’ll have to hire an GSHP installation company that has extensive experience in design and installation. Unless a good design is incorporated, a GSHP will not perform well.

A GSHP that’s installed correctly will continue to provide clean and green energy for a lifetime. Hence, the importance of the experience and knowledge of a good installation company cannot be stressed enough.

We’ve been planning and installing renewable energy technology for a decade giving us an industry experience that’s unmatched and bespoke. We work with our customers closely to understand and meet their requirements.

To know if a Domestic Ground Source Heat Pump is a good solution for your needs, ​get in touch ​with us today!

J L Phillips install heat pumps across the whole of the UK, predominantly covering the Midlands including Newark, Nottingham, Mansfield, Loughborough, Lincoln, Peterborough, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, as well as Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Leeds, Sheffield and all surrounding areas.

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