Cleaning the Condenser Coils of Your Heat Pump – Here’s How!

Tuesday September 7, 2021

If you are wondering why the performance of your heat pump has gradually decreased over time, it is mostly because you require heat pump cleaning. 

Ideally, your heating system’s outdoor condenser units need to be cleaned at least twice a year for maximum efficiency and the same goes for heat pump cleaning too.

Understandably, installing heat pumps is one thing and maintaining them is a whole other thing. 

At JL Phillps, we understand the importance of your time and need for quality results and that is why with the help of our experienced experts, we have curated a step-by-step list of things that you need to do and observe to ensure the smooth running of your installation. 

Let’s look at these steps!

1. Turn off the Power

Safety ranks at the top of our priority list; so before you begin to even touch an internal part of your heat pump, make sure you switch the main button, the power of your system off. 

It is usually located in the eyesight on the exterior wall. However, if your pump doesn’t have a shutoff box, try switching the power off at the breaker box. 

While you’re at it, just try to turn the unit on to test if the power is indeed off. This step might seem tiny but is the most important one in the process of heat pump cleaning, so make sure you do it right! 

2. Clean the Area 

The second step after shutting off the power is to clean the area around the condenser unit. This is necessary because the air around your condenser should get ample space to flow. 

Put simply, any debris, shrubs and equipment should be cleared right out of its way. You can use this tip for the future, when you are planting around your unit; make sure you keep at least 2-3 feet of clearance around it. 

For now, if any bushes have created a surface over or around your pump’s breathing space, make sure to cut them in this step. 

Once you have cleared this pathway, you are all set to almost wash your unit. Again, recheck if the main power of your heat pump is switched off for precautionary reasons. 

3. Remove the Outer Piece 

After clearing its surrounding area, you now have to remove the outer piece from the condenser unit. ‘The outer piece’ is the one that protects and covers the condenser. 

Once removed, the metal fins will be exposed in front of you; so depending on your subjective need, consider using a soft-bristle attachment on your vacuum to clean them. 

Similarly, if you are considering using your garden hose to complete the cleaning process, make sure to unscrew the top grille and swing it open. 

Another thing to keep in mind in this step is to avoid direct spraying or hitting the fan with water coming out of your hose. This is to not disturb any of its electrical connections. 

4. Clean the Dirt Built-Up

Now is the time to clean the condenser coil of your heat pump; you will probably notice the dirt built up on the inside of your unit. 

What you can do is buy a condenser cleaning solution from any local home improvement store to clean this dirt, but normal soap and water also works just fine.

To clean the coil, simply spray your cleaning solution over it and try to cover and surround the entire unit. 

While dealing with the delicate fins, make sure to spray the water directly at them rather than from the sides. This is to make sure that the fins do not bend because then they can cause unnecessary inefficiencies in the system’s airflow. However, if you do find some bent ones, you can fix them later. 

After cleaning the internal parts of your pump, place the outer grille and top grille back to their place and turn on the power. 

Lastly, adjust your thermostat if necessary, and you are good to go! 

Pro Tip – Do NOT use knives, razors or any sort of blades in the entire process for your safety. 

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