Heat Pumps vs Gas Boilers – What to Choose?

Tuesday June 21, 2022

When people start looking for a new heating system for their home, one of the most commonly asked questions is whether they should choose a heat pump or a gas boiler.

Now, while the two are extremely different technologies, they provide the same results, central heating and hot water. 

However, there are a whole lot of other things to consider when it comes to the way you want your heating system to function.  

Therefore, in this article, we’ll bring you a whole lot of information on all the differences between heat pumps and gas boilers. 

What’s more, we will also focus on every aspect of the heating systems, so that you can ensure you get the perfect one for you. 

Grants and Funding

Before we tell you about the prices, let us first tell you about the grants and funding that are available from the UK government for both heating systems.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are now heavily subsidised by the government under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. You can get up to £6000 off new installations. This scheme supports the government’s initiative to reach net zero by 2050.

However, with JL Philips you don’t even have to worry about applying for the grant yourself. As your installers, we’ll help you throughout the grant application process, as well as with the installation and maintenance of your heat pump.

Gas Boilers

The boiler grant for gas boilers is called the ECO scheme. This is only applicable for gas boiler replacements and is not readily available for everyone. It is also specifically dedicated to low-income households.

The eligibility criteria for the scheme is limited to homeowners who receive benefits and have a gas boiler that is at least 5 years old.

The Associated Costs

The differences between the costs that accompany heat pumps and gas boilers are very vague. 

Therefore, it is often difficult to ascertain whether or not one is less expensive than the other. Nevertheless, we are still going to give you a basic idea of the costs. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are created with a high level of engineering, which is why they can be a little expensive in the beginning. However, in the long term, they can actually save you a lot of money and are better for the environment.

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are usually priced at around £2000 and can cost you an average of £1300 per year for their gas and electricity charges.


Heat Pumps

When it comes down to it, heat pumps are way more energy-efficient than gas boilers will ever be. Reaching up to 300% to 400% efficiency levels, they are one of the most efficient heating systems in the world.

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers have an efficiency of approximately 90%. However, this number may decrease as the gas boiler gets older. 

The Benefits to the Environment 

Heat Pumps

In the environmental battle of heat pumps vs gas boilers, heat pumps are clearly the winners. They are extremely beneficial to the environment and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers produce approximately 180% more carbon dioxide in comparison to most heat pumps. 


Heat Pumps

Heat pump installations require you to find an MCS accredited installer, who will efficiently install your new heat pump within three days if you get an air source heat pump.

However, when it comes to ground source heat pumps, the installation may take between 3-5 weeks to complete.

Gas Boilers

The installation process for gas boilers is not as complicated as it is for heat pumps and will take approximately 3 days to complete.

Moreover, there are currently more gas boiler installers than heat pump installers in the UK.

Choose JL Philips for the Best Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance Services

Now that it is pretty clear that the benefits of heat pumps far surpass those of gas boilers, we have a winner for the heat pumps vs gas boilers debate.

It’s time to pick up your phone and get in touch with us for either air source or ground source heat pump installation and maintenance services.

Moreover, with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you can acquire our high-quality products and expert services at the most affordable prices.

To learn more about our services, visit our homepage or contact us now!


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