4 Home Improvement Projects To Keep You Busy While In Lockdown

Tuesday May 26, 2020

If you plan to put your home on the market in the future, now is the best time to get around to those home improvement projects that you have been putting off for so long. It goes without saying that the value of your home increases even with the smallest improvements you make. Plus, as soon as things go back to normal, you are more likely to get a good deal without too much waiting. Moreover, if the idea of being quarantined is making you antsy and bored, busying yourself with home improvement can be a good way to bid boredom adieu. 

At JL Phillips, we have put together a list of home improvement projects you can undertake while in quarantine!

Let’s take a look!

1. Declutter Your Home

When in quarantine, start with a bit of decluttering to bring back some order and organisation in your life. Being home has given us plenty of time to sift through our closets and drawers and get rid of things we no longer need. Start out small. Commit to cleaning and decluttering just one particular space every day. This way, you won’t overwhelm yourself as you work your way through the mess. 

When you organise and free up some space in your home, you will surely come across loads of things that you no longer use. You can box these up so that you can donate them later or sell it off in car boot sales. This way, there will be more to your decluttering than just cleaning and freeing up space. 

You have something to look forward to every day. Why not get your family involved in these projects to make it more fun?

2. Plan Your Next Big Remodel and Installation

Now that you are staying home, it is the perfect time to plan for any installation and remodelling work you have been putting off. This is a great time to give your central heating an upgrade and replace it with an air or ground source heat pump. 

As you are staying home for longer periods of time, you have to look for ways to be more energy efficient in your home. Installing a renewable heat pump will definitely help you in your quest to save more energy thanks to its impressive rate of efficiency. You can get a free quick quote right here for your heat pump installation. 

On the other hand, if you are planning a kitchen remodel you need to choose suitable colours, kitchen worktops, appliances, oven, design and so much more. In both cases, it is best to seek professional help so you get the best deal. Moreover, remodelling and heat pump installation add to the value of your property.  

3. Perform an Annual Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is crucial for the upkeep of your property. While in quarantine, check whether all the appliances in your home are working properly. Check your heating, plumbing, furnishings and other installations. Check your walls and give them a lick of fresh paint, see if your home can do with another layer of insulation. More importantly, see if you can make your home more energy-efficient by weeding out the energy-draining elements. Seal the gaps in windows and doors, inspect your gutters, unclog your sinks and defrost your freezer. 

Check for faulty electrical wires, vacuum your vents, wax your furniture and varnish it for extra shine, fix shutters and blinds in your home. Stay on top of maintaining your home so that it retains its value in the long run.

4. Wash and Clean Your Windows

Take some time to clean your windows both from the inside and the outside. Apart from the view, clean windows add to the aesthetics of your curb appeal. Besides, if you want your windows to last longer, you have to ensure that you maintain them properly. If they’re not already, you might want to consider double glazing your windows as an added effort to be more energy-efficient. 

JL Phillips for Heat Pump Installation

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We can iron out the installation details as we discuss which model is perfect for your needs! Installing a heat pump is a home improvement project that is sure to keep you occupied during this period of quarantine whilst adding value to your home and helping the environment. 

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