Here’s How Energy Generation Is Changing For The Better

Tuesday March 24, 2020

The constant evolution of technology is changing our lives for the better. This is especially true when we consider the way we consume energy. The ways we generate our power have come a long way and is constantly evolving keeping sustainability at the forefront. 

Inefficient and large power stations will take a backseat and pave way for local brands and small scale plants with consumers at the core of it all. But how does technological advancement in being green help us achieve this? 

In this piece, we will take a look at 4 ways energy generation and the way we use it will bring about a change. 

1. Decentralised and Local Production 

Almost everyone is now aware of how important renewable energy is for a sustainable environment. It’s a hot topic that’s extremely relevant to all business and homeowners. So what are the benefits of locally-sourced power?

Let’s take a look! 

  • Improved Energy Efficiency 

Most of the energy is still produced in large plants which are only 50% efficient. This means that up to half of the power produced is wasted. Energy wastage occurs because of the long distances involved to help transfer the energy to the power lines. Having decentralised and local power plants will solve this issue. If power plants are situated in close proximity to the residential areas, energy wastage can reduce drastically. 

  • Clean and Green Practices 

Renewable energy has been around for a long time but it is only now that we are realising its full potential. Thanks to the leaps and bounds achieved in technological advancements, we can now harness the power of renewable energy to heat our homes. For instance, air and ground source heat pumps, solar panels and biomass boilers are installed to cater to heating and hot water requirements both in homes and businesses. 

This means reduced energy waste which means less fossil fuel is burnt. Having an eco-conscious mindset is going to be key as we change the way we consume energy for the better. 

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2. Maintain a Balance between Supply and Demand 

What if you can find a way to reduce the power consumed by appliances while using another? For example, the energy that your refrigerator receives will be reduced when you are using your washing machine as its bound to consume more power then. 

But is that possible?

Thanks to the emerging market of digital energy and interconnectivity, consumers will have more control over how they use power. Our connected homes and the Internet of Things work together to consume energy in the most efficient manner possible. Powering down appliances while using the other is a great way to reduce wastage of energy. 

So, after green energy consumption, smart energy will follow suit. 

3. Giving Control of Energy to the Consumer 

Given the advancement in innovation and technology, as a consumer, you will play a crucial role in how you are placed at the heart of the system of energy generation. This way, you will be able to choose when and how you consume energy. Likewise, businesses will have no choice but to produce energy in a manner that produces efficient results. This is specifically in terms of power, light and warmth.

With more innovation in our energy generation, as consumers, you will soon have a say on how you spend your money on energy instead of it being dictated to you.  

4. Free Energy as the Future 

Another way to give complete control of energy usage to consumers is through free energy. Considering how the use of renewable energy alternatives is on the rise (wind, solar, biomass), it is easier to generate more clean and green energy than before. 

Especially, with air and ground source heat pumps installed, you might end up producing too much of clean energy. For every unit of power consumed by the heat pumps, three to four units of clean energy are generated. Imagine, every single household producing this kind of energy – the surplus of clean energy produced will be insurmountable.

Innovation can be made in the coming years to store the excess clean energy produced. The field of battery storage is discovering a lot of new things and perhaps you will be able to use it when your system isn’t generating energy.

What You Should Do!

The future of energy generation and its management is very promising. We will benefit from it by positioning ourselves in a manner that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Take small steps with green investments to make the most of energy.

Alternatively, you can call our proficient team of heat pump fitters for a cleaner tomorrow and a worthwhile renewable heating system.


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