4 Ways A Thermostat Can Help You Save Money

Tuesday July 13, 2021

While looking for ways to minimise the overall house expense, it is important to highlight how you control the temperature of the premises, be it domestic or commercial. You can regulate how you’re heating unit functions with a thermostat – an energy-saving and highly efficient device.

With a  few simple clicks and predetermined settings, you can use this nifty addition to cut down unnecessary expenses.

The easiest way to save money with a thermostat is to develop and incorporate simple habits over time. These small habits will make steady changes in the billing cycles of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. 

As experts promote green installations and practices, at JL Phillips, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can save money with a thermostat.

Let’s take a look at how it can work in your favour!

1. Use Appropriate Temperatures for Different Seasons and Times of the Day 

During summertime, if you turn up the temperature by one or two degrees, you wouldn’t notice or feel the difference in the temperature, especially during the nights when it’s cooler. 

Similarly, during winter, turning down the temperature by one or two degrees can go unnoticed. In this way, the thermostat can be a boon to establish and maintain the right temperature for cost-effective results.

The ease with which you can transition between temperatures is amazing, especially when paired with our renewable heating installations

2. Ensure Efficiency by Maintaining a Steady Temperature

The goal is to set the recommended thermostat settings at appropriate times once, then you can maintain it as per your requirements and usage. Maintaining the same temperature at different times of the day ensures increased efficiency of your heating systems

The simplest way to save money with a thermostat is to keep the temperature of the house moderate when you are away or sleeping. This means you will have to readjust the temperature as soon as you come back home. There are chances you might forget to perform this task or it can be slightly time-consuming. 

With the help of a programmable and smart thermostat, you can easily create a smart heating and cooling schedule that will help maintain the constancy and efficiency of the temperature and by extension, your heating system. 

3. Distinguish Temperature by Zones 

The bifurcation of spaces within a house helps create different zones. Each zone can be dealt with differently, using different programming on the thermostat. 

If the second floor of the house is unoccupied for the majority of the day, for instance, you can programme the thermostat to control and regulate the heating of the space accordingly. Your attic or roof might not need heating at all, thanks to the insulation you’ve applied

Identify areas in your home and your heating requirements for the same to make the most of your heating system and your thermostat. This way, you not only save energy but also teach your thermostat to complement your lifestyle and schedule. 

4. Timely Maintenance of Your Heating System 

Advanced technology has gifted us with smart thermostats, which notifies us with timely reminders of maintaining the HVAC system. Imagine if your system shuts down completely, without any warning. 

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew when your heating unit is due for a maintenance check?  The new technology even offers thermostats that are compatible with advanced voice-command devices

The programmed and smart suggestions from these devices will help you to remember to tune your heat pumps and biomass boilers right up when necessary. 

To Sum Up 

It is advisable to take time to understand the suitable type of thermostat device for your property, and eventually optimise it to suit your schedule and daily routine. It has a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to it, meaning you need not tinker around with the settings every day. 

Ensure to reap maximum benefits out of this nifty device and purchase a thermostat that can help reduce your household expenses. 

Contact JL Phillips For Sustainable Heating Solutions 

Another way to save money with a thermostat is to choose a complimenting yet sustainable and cost-effective heating pump. The environment-friendly products at JL Phillips are well aware of the extravagant expenses associated with installing the wrong type of heating system. 

Our heating engineers are certified professionals who can suggest which type of system will be best for your home or commercial building; based on close inspection of your property and also your budget. 

That said, at JL Phillips, we also provide uninterrupted servicing and maintenance not only to the new installations but the existing installations at your premise as well. We understand the importance of maintenance and aim to deliver at the convenience of our customers. 

To get a quick quote on our products and our services, contact JL Phillips today at 01636 642790!


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