4 Reasons Why A GSHP Is A Worthwhile Investment

Tuesday February 23, 2021

A ground source heat pump is a sustainable heating technology that can effectively meet all heating requirements. 

Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties, a GSHP installation is done underground as the surface beneath the soil serves as a source of natural recurring heat.

Although installing the GSHP may seem intimidating due to the underground installation and network of pipes, the process is relatively simple and with the help of various schemes and incentives, it is also affordable.

With the available funding options, decrease in energy bills, and sustainable yet efficient heating, a GSHP is a worthwhile investment.

At JL Phillips, we believe in promoting sustainable living through the use of renewable heating technologies. By investing in a GSHP, you can begin your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Why is A GSHP a worthwhile investment?

Although a GSHP requires a large area for the system to be installed correctly, it can be easily done in the available space of your premise. Since the cold temperatures in the UK may get extreme, the ground becomes an excellent source for recurring heat. This makes a GSHP ideal for you.

Here are a few factors why you should invest in a GSHP installation-

1. Sustainability

Reducing our carbon footprint is very important, especially in present items; adopting renewable energy systems helps us do our bit for the environment.

By choosing to invest in a GSHP, you ensure energy-efficiency in your commercial or domestic area. Since a GSHP extracts underground heat, it is a much better alternative to traditional systems like coal or electric heating.

Moreover, by investing in a GSHP, your home or commercial space’s overall CO2 emissions can be reduced drastically with next to no carbon emission.

Additionally, since the main energy source for a GSHP is underground heat, it is a good choice for you; underground heat is an inexhaustible source, meaning it is available in abundance.

By using this technology, you ensure better use of the available natural resources and adopt a more sustainable choice in your lifestyle.

2. Incentives and Funding

Although a GSHP installation is higher than the costs of traditional heating systems, many different incentives can help you out in terms of funding.

The various grants and funding options, including the Green Homes Grant Scheme, promote the use of sustainable technology while also helping us incorporate them into our daily lives.

Through the Green Homes Grant Scheme and RHI initiative, the UK Government is trying to encourage citizens to invest in renewable heating technology. Under this, the ground source heat pump fulfils the eligibility criteria.  

After checking your eligibility criteria, you will receive a voucher to help you with the investment or the installation costs of the heating system.

Under the RHI initiative, eligible households or businesses are offered a cashback on a quarterly basis for a specific number of years for operating a ground source heat pump. This makes the initiative a good opportunity for every home or business owner.

Moreover, the running costs of a GSHP are considerably lower than gas boilers and other traditional heating systems by almost 45%. This means that a GSHP heating system is equally reliable to a boiler and is also likely to last way longer.

Additionally, to run efficiently, the ground source heat pump’s compressor requires very little electricity, thereby maintaining low running costs.

3. Efficient Heating 

A GSHP provides both heating and cooling, making it different from other heating systems. Through the reverse valve change, you can manipulate the circulation of the system, thereby using it for heating or cooling.

Ground source heat pumps use a system of buried pipes to extract energy from the ground. Although they may seem complex, their technology and way of working are relatively simple.

If your home or business does not require high temperatures, a ground source heat pump is the perfect solution for you as the temperature of the heated water supplied by the heat pump is at a comfortable level. 

However, if you require higher temperatures, there are other versions of a GSHP which you could install. This makes ground source heat pumps better suited to your requirements as compared to other systems.

Additionally, ground source heat pumps aren’t reliant in weather conditions or other such external factors for effective heating, the ground temperature remains constant throughout the year making the GSHP work efficiently regardless of external conditions.

Moreover, when you invest in a GSHP, you ultimately increase the value of your home as it is a great sustainable home improvement choice.

4. Better Durability

Since a GSHP installation is done under the ground surface, the necessary equipment is built with good materials so that the heat pump works effectively, meaning a GSHP has better durability than traditional heating systems.

Most of the GSHP structure is underground, meaning the system works without making any noise. Moreover, the absence of bulky equipment in the room is an added advantage.

When it comes to servicing and maintenance, these heat pumps require considerably less upkeep than other heating systems. Additionally, the unobtrusive design requires no prior permission or planning, it can easily be installed in the available outdoor space of your premise.

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Ground source heat pumps have various advantages which makes them an excellent addition to your home or business. Invest in a GSHP to make your life more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

At JL Phillips, our vast experience in renewable energy installations makes us the best in our field. Our team of experts will provide you with bespoke GSHP installation and maintenance services. 

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